Nov 4

I’m 32, married, with a baby, and I love tik tok and I am not ashamed. That last one is hilarious. Bless these youth.

Sep 20

None of the fucking anti-abortion ghouls look at facts about late term abortions. I’m vehemently pro choice and also a mother. Fucking hell dude a late term abortion is a tough thing to imagine - let alone go through. My heart breaks for the women who have to make that decision as it usually means the fetus isn’t Read more

Sep 16

Yoooo that’s what I came here to say! This movie is everything. The style, the rollerblades, the hacker names. I AM HERE FOR IT.

Jul 24

My husband is like, “I’m not a classic Sag. I’m pretty chill.” And I’m like... “Babe...you left your corporate job in Wisconsin to go live permanently in the national parks as a hiking guide/bartender. I met you when you were living in a trailer, basically off the grid, in Death Valley...you’re a Sag.”

Jul 17

I’ve never given a shit about Henry Cavill...but that video was charming. I love when people aren’t afraid to be nerds! That just made him more interesting in my book.

Jul 14

Thank you for the message! It’s all hard as shit - and even harder putting a smile on your face so all your baby associates with you is positivity and safety, while everything else feels like it’s on fire around you. Read more

Jul 14

As a long time Whovian, I was skeptical of watching Jessica Jones, because I too was afraid to see him play someone so evil. But I did watch it...and not only was the show fantastic, but I was still strangely into him. Dammit Tennant you’ve done it again.

Jul 8

Fuck these people. It’s so goddam hard, and I don’t even have a kid who requires maximum attention. My daughter is 4 months old - she’s my first kid. I gave birth in a pandemic and went back to work just 12 weeks later because this is America. “Back to work” meant back to an incredibly high stress job, that is Read more

Jun 30

Stupid fashion industry. I’m built like a Viking but I still want to wear dresses dammit!

Jun 11

Bye Anthro. Anyone have any great shop alternatives to Anthro for us between sized people? I don’t want to shop there anymore because of this racist ass bullshit, but hot damn did they cater to us size 12s/14s. I’m too big for most “normal” sizes and too small for plus size. Fuck you anthro for sucking so hard.

Jun 2

I worked at a talent agency back when Glee was a thing, and all I heard through my networks was that she was a huge bitch who was hard to work with. Not shocked!

Jun 2

Yea I was super confused when I read that snark too. I’m like, are you snarking on...voting? Because that’s a super important thing to do to enact change.