May 6

Exactly, my "easy" pasta recipe is a jar of tomato sauce approved up with some shit and some buttered noodles. A mix of nostalgia and carbs that I can't get enough of.

Mar 27

I had a martini before lunch the other day and it fucked up my productivity for the rest of the day. Of course YMMV.

Mar 27

At this point I’m just adding a splash of coffee to my whiskey

Oct 22

Of course it’s $20. All that superfluous wasteful packaging ain’t cheap, people. Read more

Sep 26

I like my Instant Pot, but the recipe book that comes with it has, and I quote, “one minute quinoa.” That’s a bald-faced lie.

Sep 24

I think a lot of that is recipes don’t count mise en place as part of the cooking time. They just assume you have little bowls filled with diced onions and sliced mushrooms all over your kitchen.

May 9 2019

As a fellow fan of both mustard and hot sauces, I strongly recommend you seek out a good Bajan hot pepper sauce. It originates in Barbados, where they put it on basically everything. It’s a mustardy, vinegary, pepper sauce that has such a nice balance of heat and tang. Reminds me in some ways of a Carolina mustard BBQ  Read more

May 8 2019

Kudos for the Barenaked Ladies reference (that I’m not sure anyone got, alas).

Apr 19 2019

You should probably stick to talking about things you have a clue about, if any.

Apr 19 2019

You don't know what you're talking about, and you look real silly right now.

Apr 19 2019

Game system emulators aren’t illegal, as has been proven in court multiple times. Using copyrighted code (be it bios, firmware, or ROMs), on the other hand, is.

Apr 18 2019

For the last time, there’s been multiple US court cases, and while companies would absolutely LOVE for emulation to be illegal so they could talk like you, it isn’t. Emulators are totally legal. Pirating ROMs isn't and that's definitely spurred on by emulation, but emulators are totally legal.

Jul 26 2017

What in good god hell are you guys talking about? Obviously a pre-made hard shell taco sucks and if that’s what the establishment serves, you should leave. But a freshly deep-fried crunchy taco is delicious and does not fall apart easily.