Jun 26

As someone who is allergic to maple, it makes me deeply happy to see this recipe doesn’t have any. 

May 5

No amount of cacio e pepe recipes on the internet will stop me from making boxed mac and cheese with some hot dogs cut into it and a shit load of pepper on a regular basis. Now THAT is an easy pasta recipe.

Apr 23

What if chicken breast is one of my favorite things? It may not be the fanciest, but given the choice, I will almost always pick it over pork and many cuts of beef.

Apr 3

My solution is to have spent the last few years repeatedly forgetting that I already had mayonnaise and buying more. I’ve got several jars, unopened, that I swear I didn’t mean to hoard. I’m just an idiot, is all.

Sep 25

It’s the worst for Instant Pot recipes; “Cooking time: 5 minutes” actually means closer to 20 minutes after you add in time for the thing to come to pressure and release that pressure; 5 minutes is just the time you put on the Instant Pot’s timer. Particularly egregious since you can’t typically do anything else Read more

Sep 12

That story at the beginning reminds me of how most restaurants not in The South consistently screw up sweet tea, by making unsweet iced tea and then adding sugar or not depending on what the customer orders. Any southerner, of course, knows that you need to sweeten it while it’s still hot. Sweetening it once it’s cold Read more

Sep 7

I won’t judge a drink by its glass, but I’ll sure as heck judge the glass itself. I do not care for margarita glasses, martini glasses, or anything else that tends to be particularly shallow and top-heavy, and any drink that isn’t available in something more table-stable is a drink that I will not order. Read more

May 27 2019

I see this article has incited you into expressing some insight into the difference between incite and insight.

May 23 2019

At first I assumed this was going to be an article about cutting spaghetti in half before cooking it, and how some pasta purists think it’s a grievous offense to cut or break your spaghetti and how other non-purists don’t care because it cooks more easily cut in half. Read more

May 9 2019

That sounds amazing. I don’t recall seeing any in my local grocery stores (small town, crap selection), but I’ll definitely keep an eye out.

May 8 2019

I’m a little picky about mustard. In my refrigerator right now, I have four different mustards. None of them are that bog-standard American yellow mustard or anything else so textureless. My favorite is Beaver Deli Mustard, which is delicious and brown and seedy and has horseradish. I have also been known to mix and Read more

Mar 29 2019

I use a sea salt grinder for everything, and I can’t watch a cooking show without a minor existential crisis about if I’m doing salt wrong.

Mar 8 2019

You know what’d be amazing? An extension that could analyze recipes and fix inaccurate times. You know the ones: recipes that claim a prep time of 5 minutes and a cook time of 35, but the cook time fails to include things like pressurizing/releasing pressure on an instant pot, any sauteing that may need done between Read more

Feb 19 2019

So, at the advice I chose to infer from this article, regardless of anything you may or may not have actually said, I decided to try a shaken beer. This scenario did not pan out as expected (or “can out,” as the case may be), so now I’m afraid I have something of a mess on my hands.

Jan 29 2019

I hadn’t planned on doing nachos this year, just wings with homemade buffalo sauce. But Dorito nachos might just be worth it. Read more

Jan 25 2019

Articles are great, but sometimes so are videos.