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I’d argue it was for nothing either way. Like Arbery, it is just an excuse to trample on people. Read more

4:28 PM

Not sure if you’re being facetious here, but actively enabling the perpetuation of systematic racism is the very definition of racist. One does not need to wear the white hood in order to be racist.

12:30 PM

Where were these riot cops when the Trump supporters were out there protesting with their AKs and toxic mentalities? Read more

12:22 PM

Smoking on the set? WTF? I love GU and am glad she’s calling out the casual racism and sexism that privileged white dudes get away with on the regular, not to mention the fucking stone cold narcissism of knowingly breaking a law and not giving a rat’s ass about other people.

8:53 PM

They had to fire her. Their server crashed from incoming complaints almost immediately yesterday afternoon. 

1:12 PM

“should self quarantine for 14 days if they have any compassion for others”

I think we’ve all pretty much already figured out that “compassion for others” is not a thing these people are interested in.

11:43 AM

I appreciate it but can you also check the other 53% in private so it never gets to this level to begin with.

11:24 AM

This man is my former brother-in-law, and I know him well. You could not imagine a less violent person or one who would be less interested in threatening some random crazy white woman. Not that actual bad intent or actions would be required to activate this toxic and dangerous form of racist privilege ... just Black Read more

10:56 AM

This is the peak of white womaning. I’m sorry but this needs to be painted with a broad brush. She is the sort of liberal, entitled, privileged, east coast white woman that tweets all the liberal hashtags, wears all the pink hats, eats all the avocado toast, has all the multi-ethnic assiociates, yet the moment she is Read more

3:28 PM

I’ve posted elsewhere here that I’m in grad school for my MPH and currently taking a class on public health law. My professor noted in a lecture that the public backlash against quarantine is upending centuries of legal thought and decades of academic instructions, since quarantine has always been looked at as almost Read more

1:04 PM

Sometimes there are not two sides in a “debate” because one of them is just wrong.  She is telling women to shut up about white privilege - black women.  That’s not a debate.  That is being bigoted whether she likes it or not.  She could have acknowledged her intent wasn’t the impact, copped to the fact her language Read more

12:36 PM

Whatever floats your boat, but even if this kid is made of money and never works a day in his life, you’ve made him a joke by doing this shit. I realize names are restricting or you want to be an innovator, but he WILL change his name to something with pronounceable letters when he’s older. And he will hate you.

12:27 PM

She’s saying that all the women she mentioned are rough and tough and not delicate like her. It’s super coded racial language about white women being soft and black women being tough. I’m pretty sure Ariana was only included so as to not be so obviously racist. It’s the kind of criticism that can only come from not Read more

12:23 PM

This. Can we please stop giving these two attention whores the attention they clearly so desperately crave. She’s that obnoxious goth girl from high school, all grown up, and he’s a selfish Libertarian asshole/Space Karen and I wish they’d go away forever and take their crotch goblin with them. 

12:02 PM

If we can’t genuinely self-reflect after making a statement fraught with racism, intentional or not, we’re not going to have much of a society. OH guess what, that’s happening right now. Read more