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Her dad’s side of the family has made things incredibly worse then it would normally be. The tabloid have exploited those butthurt gold diggers for all they are worth and continue to do so. Why after Diana, the tabloids didn’t have their back broken is beyond me, as they effectively hounded her to her death. Read more

3:20 PM

Yeah, I don’t think there’s really anybody out there who does’t get that they’re going to have to pay this money back, and that it’s going to cost them a certain amount of money because of interest. Read more

3:14 PM

If you are a person of color, to some white people we are not people.  To these racists we have no inner lives, we have no feelings, we proceed, and have no existence that matters to them.

1:55 PM

12 years after finishing college, the average black graduate owes 113 percent of their original student loan debt.

1:28 PM

All kinds of reasons. She may have bought the house before she went to school. She may have inherited it. She may have acquired title in a divorce. In any event, you can’t assume it was a bad financial decision. In many areas, owning a home is significantly cheaper than renting (particularly in the long run, Read more

11:30 PM

He just doesn’t want to commit to a particular strategy publicly before the case even starts. I’m sure they will seek more time, that’s obvious, but no need to tip off your opponents to your plans by announcing them to the media. He also probably wants to appear like he’s open to being persuaded to be more lenient, Read more

11:16 PM

If I was Felicity I would have avoided that call too, her career is still salvageable, mostly because she actually has talent and is an actual actress, it also helps her crime wasn’t as extreme. 

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10:02 PM

It sounds so silly that the prosecutor says he will “probably” ask for more jail time for Lori Loughlin than for Felicity Huffman. Huffman’s crime was a much lesser offense, and she stepped forward and pleaded guilty immediately. Read more

6:10 PM

Their playbook seems to be
1. Admit to crimes
2. Act like it’s no big deal and everyone does it
3. ???
4. Profit

12:01 AM

lol, this fucking goon.  He thought this showed her weakness.  She put her thang down, flipped it, and reversed it.

11:33 PM

The funniest part of the whole thing is that his dumb ass tweeted out the picture as a way to show her as the loser. 

10:30 PM

I’m happy for her and I’m glad she got to celebrate and that her hard work paid off. Read more

9:28 PM

I’ve dumped two different massage therapists because they would not be quiet during the massage, even after I asked. I’ve got no problem with pre and post-massage chat, but when I’m on the table, it’s quiet time. It’s gotten so common that I now mention it when I meet a new therapist or I put it on my intake form when Read more

2:25 PM

If you want an effective, manly massage, find an authentic Thai massage place. Typically you remain fully clothed and it is a combination of acupressure and forced yoga. If you physically really need it, you will suffer during the massage, but feel like you have a new body when you’re done.