Aug 5

For therapy to be productive, we have to be comfortable with and trust our therapist. I think it doesn’t matter WHY we need our therapist to be a certain age/gender/ethnic background, at least initially. Just gotta get started and get help with the issues that are troubling you. I guess at some point it will become Read more

Aug 5

I hate this. I’m angry that we are in this situation and livid at how badly we have screwed up in this country. And it’s not even my kids that will see the worst of this. 

Aug 5

Kids, I’m sticking my white lady head out of my bubble for one moment to ask that you at least consider what Ashley is saying (cute pigtails!). Read more

Aug 5

I don’t remember where this adage is from but “the true measure of a person is how you treat someone who can do nothing for you” or something along those lines. So yeah, Kevin Hart, Katy Perry coming forward to ‘defend’ Ellen isn’t actually helping at all; if anything, it helps confirm the narrative. She’s nice to Read more

Aug 5

Hopefully they saved, but in the big cities, that kind of money doesn’t go very far. If they saved, then at best, they’ve bought themselves a few more months. Monthly bills are more than just rent, ya know?

Aug 4

He’s done jackshit. Any benefits that we may have seen are left over from the previous administration. What he has done is try to gut nearly every single aspect of this country just so he and his cronies can financially benefit.

If you haven’t...go watch that Axio interview.  That’s his legacy.  That’s how he’ll be Read more

Aug 2

“She knows she can be tough at times,” the source continued, “but believes she works hard and is extremely creative and that it’s a privilege to work for her and be around her.” Read more

Jul 31

And I hope every one of them gets great big gobs of money from Epstein’s estate. It won’t undo a single injustice but you just try and tell any decent human being they don’t deserve it 10 times over.

Jul 31

Those poor girls. I’m really hoping that the abuse they were subjected to gets completely aired out, and that every one of their abusers gets punished. Read more

Jul 29

Every VP in the history of ever was running for president. Biden has been running for president since the goddamn 80s and throughout the Obama presidency. Preparation and ambition are to be rewarded as long as they are accompanied by testicles.
Read more

Jul 27

I’m in the camp that says Trump doesnt deserve to pay his respects, not that Rep. Lewis would want them anyhow.

Jul 27

Why the fuck would Kamala Harris feel remorse for going after Biden in the debate...? That’s pretty much what debates are for. Ridiculous.

Jul 27

Yeah plus art house theaters are one of the best places to see interesting films without having to wait a year or never if it doesn’t get released on the right service. And nothing beats a big screen for big budget action films. Watching Marvel movies for the first time on streaming is so different than catching them Read more

Jul 26

Being in a theater is its own experience. Just being somewhere different for an evening instead of on your couch is refreshing.  Read more

Jul 26

I’ve legit been worried about this. I still love seeing movies in the theaters. It’s the only place a movie is likely to get my undivided attention, and I have a comfy and pretty quiet theater within 10 minutes of my house that I went to often as I could manage. That theater is an AMC so I got spooked when there Read more