I would burn the school down. Read more

She was the first person I thought of when I read this story. I watched that LulaRoe documentary and there was one lone Black woman in it (she had been an employee of the company on the corporate side and then started selling, I think). All the sellers, who were all white except for her, were invited on a private cruis Read more

I have a peanut (and tree nut) allergy. I carry an Epi-Pen. If I eat peanuts or tree nuts and don’t use an Epi-Pen AND get to a hospital, I will die. I do not order anything with peanut or peanut butter in the name, ever, and if I’m not sure if something has nuts in it (if I’m at a bakery and see cookies, for example) Read more

Death from COVID scares me (I’m vaccinated and boosted, as is everyone I know personally) but long COVID scares the shit out of me too. There was a video circulating of a woman who is COVID-negative now but the lingering symptom she has is that everything she eats tastes like garbage. At the time I saw it it had been Read more

Or that they’d confess. Like, if I’m 85 and I murdered someone 60 years ago, I’m just going to say I don’t remember the events in question. (Well, really I’d lawyer up and say nothing. There are barely any lawyers on the show.) Or that Philly homicide - Philly, with its myriad FRESH homicides* - would bother Read more

I feel like he might have asked for a white woman too (the show doesn’t match interracial couples very much - in fact, one season there was a white guy who apparently had only dated women of color and they matched him with a blonde blue-eyed woman. It did not go well). Which ... okay, but if what you want is a woke Read more

And the daughter doesn’t want any part of any conversation about her sex life with either parent - her mother literally forces her to do it (Julie asks if she’ll be punished and her mother says the punishment is to talk about it with her). It ends up being positive, but neither of them are thrilled about it. Her Read more

She really was not a good actress and she was often paired with the better actors on the show (her parents and boyfriend), so it was glaring. Read more

In the show, Coach Taylor loses a game after the star quarterback is injured (permanently, but they don’t know that yet) and some middle-aged dude confronts him in public (actually starts with confronting his daughter while Eric’s back is turned, and then Eric steps to the dude) and is all, “why are you calling those Read more

All four of my grandparents had hospice care and it was truly a blessing. I recently heard a Black death doula on a podcast - I’d never heard of a death doula until then. She sounded so kind and compassionate. Read more

I still haven’t forgotten that Nova stole $10K from either Charley or their father’s estate account to bail out a kid who got locked up for possession of weed SHE sold him. I cannot stand Nova. (I do feel bad that she’s being terrorized by the cops though.) Read more

1) much like debtors prisons, there’s no point in killing debtors because then they can’t pay what they owe. Unless it automatically transfers to a family member? I didn’t see that detail, but even so that’s still no way to get the money paid back. Read more

They just don’t think certain kids matter enough for them to have to follow any rules. Read more

I’m so tired of America pretending to be something it isn’t. And the “think of the children!” hype is just that when we allow children to be slaughtered at school, refuse to feed them, and parents are protesting in the streets for the right for their kids to get very sick and possibly die. Read more

A family member is getting a Pfizer booster today for the same reason. I’m very happy about it. Read more

It never fails to annoy me when people do shit and then describe the shit they did as though they didn’t do that shit. Read more

Grief is a motherfucker. My dad passed not long ago and I was surprised by some of my reactions. Thankfully there was no drama around his remains (he told my sibling he wanted to be cremated so that’s what we did). Read more