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The masseuse I like always massages my glutes - that’s another question she asks up front, if it’s OK to do that.

2:39 PM

I used to belong to a gym that had a branch (I had the passport membership so I could go to any branch I wanted; this one was near my work) with a steam room. I would use it regularly after my workout (with conditioner in my hair!) but I would wear a towel. One time I was in there minding my business and I heard a Read more

2:34 PM

I can’t stand a chatty masseuse. I have a place I like (I’ll go maybe once a quarter for a massage and a facial) and I request one person in particular because she gets all the talking out of the way up front (usually questions like does anything hurt and if so, is it the kind of pain where I should avoid it or work Read more

4:31 PM

I have an acquaintance who is a teacher and views it as a calling, and it hurts her deeply (to the point where she and her therapist spent time working on lessening her emotional investment) that there are lots of teachers who see it as nothing more than a job. They only do as much work as it takes not to get fired, Read more

9:57 AM

This is the worst part. So he was standing outside, with a whole fuckin house between him and whatever was going on inside, and because he perceived a threat WHILE HE WAS STILL OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE, had to fire a kill shot. There was a whole house between them! Even IF someone was standing inside and pointed a gun at Read more

9:54 AM

Or when they DO say the man did something, they leave out the word “rape.” “Man convicted of having sex with 12-year-old receives probation.” You can’t have sex with a 12-year-old; that’s rape. Same with how Brock Turner is seldom referred to as a convicted rapist, even though that’s what he is.

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I have been known to drop a “per my previous email” or “see below” while forwarding said previous email. That’s only when we’ve been going around for too long about some shit I know I said, or if someone tries to call me out on not doing something I know I did or doing something I know I didn’t do. “You never told me Read more

6:42 PM

I, too, was wondering if Dave had all this righteous indignation ready for when his beloved alma mater was covering up child rape.

5:24 PM

I just did a quick search. Only 8 states require employers to pay their employees for jury duty and 15 others have laws on the books prohibiting employers from requiring employees to use paid, sick, personal, or other kinds of leave for jury duty (so it doesn’t count against your PTO but they don’t have to pay you). Read more

7:09 PM

I get called for jury duty regularly and I am constantly floored by how many people roll in there late - and not just five or ten minutes late, either. I’m one of those “on time is 15 minutes early” people, but I couldn’t believe how many people showed up 30, 45, 60 minutes late. Totally unapologetic, too - in some Read more

7:04 PM

Well, but if you’re an hourly worker who will lose pay if you go to jury duty (I’ve been there; thankfully I was a well-paid hourly worker so I could afford to take the hit), or you have PTO but your employer makes you use it for jury duty and you have it earmarked for something else or you have none left to spare, I Read more

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Yeah. With the brother, I thought, well, I don’t believe in policing grief; he’s the one who has to live without his brother for the rest of his life, and it’s not up to me to decide what his grief looks like. I wouldn’t have hugged her and I would not have extended forgiveness to her (I would work to forgive her for Read more

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I mean, if you have to tell people at your press conference to stop laughing at you, you lost. Just take the L and go home. Read more

9:10 AM

Katt Williams has a bit where he says that if you’re an adult and you get killed by a tiger in a zoo doing some stupid shit, then that’s God’s will for you. Like ... just leave predatory animals alone. Read more

9:01 AM

There was a point when the lion looked at the person filming like Jim from The Office. Like “ ... Is this for real? Should I eat her, or nah?”

7:01 PM

Yeah, the fact that she was a bootstraps Republican until she started studying bankruptcy and working with bankrupt clients is a point in her favor, to me.

1:03 PM

Right. Like, it’s good that she was convicted of a murder that she clearly committed, but it’s fucked up that there was a very real chance she would not be. I’m genuinely surprised that she was convicted of murder.

12:45 PM

Me too, if they convicted her at all - I was concerned about the introduction of the castle doctrine. Read more