11:38 AM

That beat Sanders took before she answered, like “You really wanna do this? OK girl, if you say so” was fantastic.

8:57 PM

I saw this this morning. It’s basically a commercial for the supermarket - they’re friendly and professional but take no shit. She was FURIOUS when the dude was cleaning the cart, just happy to be working because he’d been laid off from his bartending job, and she couldn’t fuck up his day with her bullshit.

3:33 PM

Me too. I love the whole experience of going to the movies, whether it’s alone or with people. I love seeing a big loud summer blockbuster in a packed theater when everybody cheers and ooohs and aaahs during the big moments. I love in thrillers or horror movies when everybody jumps at the same time. I love just being Read more

3:19 PM

But now, my thoughts are with the hundreds of writers and journalists and editors and others who make a living on words and have been laid off during the pandemic. Countless jobs lost because of a global tragedy exacerbated by a lack of empathy and conscientiousness, but a publication still thought it wise to Read more

4:14 PM

When I saw this on Twitter I said out loud, “Ooh, he needs his ass kicked.” There was a viral tweet recently that said “you ever talk to a man and realize no one has ever told him to shut the fuck up?” He’s that guy.

6:36 PM

See, I interpreted Andrew not telling Molly differently - I saw it as something that was so NOT an imposition to him that he didn’t think it was worth mentioning. He was probably like “Sure” when Nathan asked him, and it was five minutes of his time. When Molly told Andrew “You know [Issa and I] aren’t cool right Read more

6:28 PM

Molly was wrong on all points. She’s the Toni character from Girlfriends (which Prentice Penny also wrote for). Issa is closer to Persia than Tracee, but she’s the one we’re rooting for. Read more

3:40 PM

Molly met Andrew through Nathan when Issa and Nathan were seeing each other, so Issa has her own connection to Andrew via Nathan. Nathan re-established contact with Issa via that voicemail last episode and apparently asked Issa if she needed help; I don’t think it’s wrong of Issa to be like, “well, actually, I do need Read more

12:46 PM

Reading about how she was looking forward to all her “lasts” got me. I think a lot about people who are graduating from anything this year. It sucks to put in all the work without being able to celebrate it.

6:57 PM

I’ve known so many people, myself included, who went the extra mile, did all that unpaid labor bullshit like planning office birthday parties and showers, bragged about not taking vacations ... and were summarily laid off when the business had no more need for them. My best friend was just laid off and was on a Zoom Read more

11:50 AM

I am really lonely. I was lonely before; it’s much worse now. And because I was lonely before, I made all these plans for things I wanted to do in 2020 (which in and of itself is a big deal because for a lot of reasons, I was too depressed to make plans for years - when I was in therapy, my therapist would try to Read more

11:46 AM

I saw him live a few years ago too. He really does come across as a kind, likable dude.

2:50 PM

I loved going to the grocery store and farmer’s markets before. I love to cook so going to the store was fun. I shop from a list but maybe something interesting would catch my eye, and I would pick it up and take it as a fun cooking challenge, especially at the farmer’s market. Read more

2:31 PM

Reese Witherspoon is one of those actors who I don’t mind watching (she doesn’t open a movie or show for me but I don’t mind seeing her when she turns up in stuff I’m interested in) but for some reason she as a person gets on my nerves. I thought she was great here - every microaggression and judgement was delivered Read more

2:25 PM

The plot with the baby and two moms is basically the plot of Losing Isaiah, except much less time has passed here. I think (and I am not a lawyer so I’m happy to be corrected) you can try to get your parental rights reinstated if you can prove that you gave up your child under coercion or duress, and I guess they were Read more

2:11 PM

Yeah, it’s different than the book and the book’s way is better (and makes more sense).

2:17 PM

I saw that picture and thought “Is he supposed to be hot?”

1:00 PM

My freshman roommate was a third-generation legacy of both our alma mater and a well-known boarding school and used to try to seduce guys into doing her work for her, despite having a high school sweetheart boyfriend. It didn’t work though, so I guess yay for not cheating on him, even though it wasn’t for lack of Read more

2:22 PM

Not the amount - how they spent it. If Aunt Becky had taken her half a mil to the school’s development office, she’d be straight. Her kid would probably have gotten in AND she wouldn’t be facing federal charges. Read more

12:34 PM

In my experience (Ivy grad), people talk shit about athletes being “unqualified,” but it was the legacies and the people whose parents bought their way in who were the stupidest and laziest. I can think of two exceptions among the people I went to school with, both from “do you know who I am?” type families in terms Read more