Coronal Shadow
5:30 PM

In another example, [an AI] was told to eliminate sorting errors. It learned to eliminate the errors by deleting the list entirely.” Read more

4:24 PM

Dyslexic-ally read the title as “What makes Weird Al So Weird, Good and Evil” and am now disappointed.

3:45 PM

I look forward to metal foam I-beams. Imagine nearly the same structural integrity with a tenth (or less!) of the weight.

1:21 PM

does the air stay trapped when submerged at any depth of water? Would it work say 100 meters under the ocean?

1:41 PM

Personally I'd love for him to lend his voice to What-If stories. That's all.

12:07 PM

I don’t understand. In the video he clearly makes an argument for not using horns in cars.. Basically saying: “you wouldn’t do this while walking, so why in a car?”. Gizmodo then praises his cool pedestrian horn. Guy who advocates not using horns decides to sell pedestrian horn, 10 of them. Read more

12:01 PM

Just spent the last 4 days in NYC and while car horns in the city are to be expected, the situations in which they were being used were ridiculous. Honking because the car in front is waiting for pedestrians to cross. Honking because the cars ahead are stopped AT A RED LIGHT. I thought the city put in a no honking law Read more

8:30 PM

You can use a pinhole projection to view the sun and see sunspots safely so it may be possible to discern the transit. I have also used them for observing eclipses before and it does add to the event being able to do it yourself. Read more

11:39 AM

Fun fact: Mercury is so deep in the Sun’s gravity well that time passes a bit faster there than it does here on earth. The warped spacetime causes the orbit to precess differently than predicted by Newtonian mechanics, first recognized in 1851 through measurement of historical transit data. This was a mystery until

11:04 AM

And if, like me, you don’t own a telescope, make a simple pinhole camera. two pieces of white cardstock, poke tiny hole on one. turn your back to the sun, hold pinhole cardboard above the other piece, moving it up or down to focus the image. Crude but effective.

3:08 PM

Do you know what I do when the plane lands? Nothing. I sit there and relax while all the busy bees trip over themselves and get angry and work their blood pressure up trying to get two minutes ahead of each other, and when they’ve finished I leisurely stand up, grab my things, and saunter casually off. It is not Read more

11:25 AM

Back in ‘99, my first car, a ‘91 Volvo 240s with a tape deck, I had the tape adapter connected to my sony discman, but fed the wire through the dash to the discman in the glovebox to keep everything clean.  Was especially proud of this.