Dec 19 2019

Who the fuck decided the best use for 1/3rd of the screen was empty space, to make reading articles as cramped and uncomfortable an experience as possible. Read more

Dec 17 2019

Ugh dragging Star Wars into your culture war is so tiring

Dec 15 2019

Well, not if you’re going to read the discussion thread of an article about potential cameos in the movie. Kinda makes that difficult.

Dec 14 2019

Seems like a strange thing to make an article complaining about. The game was made by ex-Ubi people, it was probably a move to support them, more than any attempt to ‘make sense’ of a gun skin. Read more

Dec 13 2019

So to explain this slightly, Nomada Studio (who created Gris) is made up of ex-Ubisoft employees that used to work on Rainbow Six Siege. So it seems to me it’s less about the game itself and just the current Rainbow Six Siege team showing support to former coworkers and friends.

Dec 13 2019

The media treated the Labour candidate, Corbyn, like he was a Nazi made out of spiders.

Dec 9 2019

I mean Red Dead Redemption 2 was published by 2K and it has a huge single player component with no microtransactions. It also has an online component with them, but if you're not interested in that, then the whole single player is still untouched. 

Dec 9 2019

There are tons of AAA single player games that aren’t online services. Tons of them. I don’t know why people keep ignoring them to push this false “SP games are dying” narrative.

Dec 7 2019

which begins with a husband dropping upwards of two grand on a fancy exercise bike for his clearly-already-very-healthy wife” Read more

Dec 4 2019

Seriously. Let’s not celebrate a man going against the standard and spending more time with their new child? If it was the norm then I would understand, but until then we SHOULD be celebrating it, writing about it, etc to help it become the norm.

Dec 4 2019

By all means, don't congratulate the behaviour you want to encourage, instead ... Shit all over it.   That will accomplish what you want.

Dec 4 2019

This is a shit take. Yes, let’s discourage workers’ rights because not all groups have equal access to it. This is exactly how conservatives argue against all types of labor protections, including affirmative action. With how overworked Americans are, it’s galling that you’d argue against any workers NOT taking as Read more