Apr 18 2020

It’s literally not a two-stroke engine, "essentially" or not.

Apr 4 2020

It’s a bit painful to read these RoS BTS. So much love and care and detail in service of such a shit finale.

Mar 13 2020

Here’s the rub. It shouldn’t be in the hands of event promoters, period. What F1 wants to do should have stopped mattering over a week ago. National and local governments both need to get off their asses and make hard decisions. Read more

Feb 20 2020

Because they basically don’t exist in the US and have a tiny dealer network. Zeros are common in SoCal, they even pop up on Craigslist and Facebook marketplace for cheap they have been out for so long.

Feb 19 2020

We will build upon our global events strategy in 2020 by participating in hundreds of consumer events across the globe.” Read more

Feb 4 2020

My concern is that when you are cornering, you are on the corner of the car tire. Not only do you have less contact area, but also you don’t have a lot of grooves and sipes to get water out from under the tire in that area of the tire. Read more

Jan 24 2020

That was the answer today too, but it was phrased more diplomatically.

Jan 24 2020

Trading in a KIA on a BMW to save money.

What a world we live in!  If anyone had suggested that 5 years ago, they would have been told they are clinically insane.

Jan 14 2020

SS Spanfeller is a donkey class rigid proctoscope.

Jan 13 2020

I think the idea that meadering along in the slow lane in a slow car can be a perfectly fine thing would qualify as a Hot Take on a car enthusiast site.  I mean, it's no 'pizza is not a meal', but it's certainly not a popular opinion on a car blog.

Jan 13 2020

Having driven the Fit not-so-daily for almost ten years I can report that life in the slow lane is a life of acceptance, a life of peace. Why does one need to go fast? I’ll let you explore those feelings on your own but all of this is perfectly on-brand for Mazda, whose cars historically have been underpowered. And, Read more