Nov 27

“Analysts” who make sweeping pronouncements and recommendations about specific company moves should be summarily executed.

Nov 23

In it’s own way, that adds to the insanity. Someone took time, effort, skill and expense to polish this turd to a mirror shine. Why? It remains a turd regardless, value zero. Read more

Nov 22

It’s a recursive crackpipe. Like, if you look with a magnifying glass, it’s made up of thousands of smaller crackpipes, each of which in turn consists of millions of even smaller crackpipes and so on. Read more

Nov 14

I have never understood how it is a feasible economic model to make cars so expensive that most mainstream people, numbering in the tens or hundreds of millions, can’t afford a new car, but only used cars, while only a smaller sub-set of the economically better-off higher wage earners can afford to buy new cars. Read more

Nov 8

Trackday honey. Rip out the rear seats, throw in a mattress, tow your LeMons crapheap to the track.