Jul 14

I was teetering on the edge of “enough already” until she took the cat for a walk in a stroller. That actually saved her for me. 

Jul 13

Cultural genocide? You mean the thing that happened to the indigenous peoples of North America?

Jul 13

I’ve said it on here before, and I’ll say it again: 50 Cent remains one of the dumbest, most trifling people I’ve ever met. In the nearly two years I worked as a designer for the G-Unit line, I was continually irritated by the stupid shit that fell out of his mouth. He's trash.

Jul 11

To me this is why you don’t f@ck with someone that doesn’t have as much to lose as you do. I appreciate that Will and Jada were separated. I don’t appreciate the kiss and tell from August. I would feel the same if it was me as a non celebrity. If some MF that I had dealt with in the past started talking about what we Read more

Jul 10

Well yeah, that too. I feel like some writers aren’t able to calibrate their tone to funny snark and instead settle for sardonic bitterness.

Jul 10

Joan has always been weirdly bitter and salty about the mere existence of celebrities other people and it leaks into her writing all the time, Read more

Jul 10

Joan has always been weirdly bitter and salty about the mere existence of celebrities and it leaks into her writing all the time, which is odd since she presumably knew this was a celebrity gossip site when she got hired.

Jul 10

Joan is only employed here to irritate people for clicks. Let's be honest.

Jul 10

The Jezebel writeup is so different than The Root’s writeup. In the Jezebel writeup, there’s a lot of energy given to how coy Jada and Will are about the timeline of events, and how most people will never really know what happened, and pokes fun at the overuse of the word “healing”, which, legit.

Read more

Jul 10

Not really weird, considering the name of the show is “The Red Table.” You gotta have the table front and center in a show with that name.

Jul 9

I can't speak for anyone else, but no, I do not actually think Lea Michele killed or cursed anyone. 🙄

Jul 7

“I don’t know, I like _____, I just feel like he’s somebody I could have a beer with” is code for “I don’t like it when people are clearly smarter than me.” Read more

Jun 25

I agree that he doesn’t really sound like Gaetz’s son, but let’s also think about the bizarre logic at play here. A Democrat accused Gaetz of not trying to protect people of color because he doesn’t have non-white children. Gaetz’s reply? “I have a non-white child, and I still don’t care about protecting people of Read more

Jun 25

Pardon me for pointing out the obvious, but if any other grown-ass unmarried man “adopted” a strapping, young teen boy and kept him fairly secret for years (after “dating” his older sister and then dropping her when maybe she was no longer necessary. Where is she in all of this now, anyway?) and then outed himself for Read more

Jun 25

I have given birth to none. I have fostered seven in my home. I have financially supported two Africans throughout their childhood. I am auntie to none by blood, I am auntie to at least 10 otherwise. I have pics of Japanese, Ethiopian and Caucasian kids on my mantel right now. But I take great care NOT to elevate Read more