Jun 11

This acknowledgement would require, someone....anyone on the current staff to have a modicum of common sense. Read more

Apr 29

Joaquin Phoenix getting praise for his systemic racism speech at the BAFFTA’s was fucking infuriating. MANY people have said that and more and been ignored whilst this raging fucking asshole was given a standing ovation after years of well documented misogyny and vile behavior on sets.

Apr 17

I obsessively watched that Kelly Cutrone show and to this day, I do not understand why. It was fascinating and yet, not? Did it run simultaneously to the Rachel Zoe Project? Was the dichotomy the draw?

Mar 20

Sweet Jesus, this made me so happy. I too did the class with Miss Allen and I pray to all that is holy my hips move like that at 50, let alone 70. Read more

Mar 10

Same, it is INFURIATING. I had one of those beauty boxes gifted to me a few years ago by my little sisters and I couldn’t use any of it because it was early stages yet and you could not customize. It’s very first world problems but I felt terrible giving the entirety of their thoughtful gift away for months.

Mar 7

I am highly HIGHLY allergic to palm/coconut so I am anxiously awaiting the replies on this.

Aug 16 2018

I should forward what is commonly referred to as the Coyote Freakout from our Next Door to Jez. It got nuts REAL quick. thousands of posts, canceled block parties, the local wildlife haven got involved. It was EPIC. 

Jul 24 2018

SHE WAS MY DAD’S TOO. I mean, Janis Joplin was out of the running for obvious reasons. 

May 17 2018

Ya’ll, the JC turning into Snape thing from last week was upsetting. But this? Kevin, honey, my god no. Turn away from the Splinter from TMNT version of you. Read more

Apr 19 2018

I would expect they have homes in both Chicago and Hawaii after May of 2019. They are both fully invested in the Foundation and will likely be here somewhat full time to get it launched properly.