Feb 13

SR5 got AE86 and GT-S got AE88. It’s one of the most confusing things Toyota did to this car 😆 Read more

Feb 12

The North American cars had AE85, AE86, or AE88 in the VIN, but they all have AE86 chassis codes.

Nov 27

Postal vehicles don’t reverse. Ever. If they overshoot your house, you just don’t get the mail that day.

Oct 23

Wish I could adequately convey how happy your post made me. I learned my mechanical skills on a Moto-Ski Zephyr. Bought my first set of metric wrenches for this baby. My old man cringed when he’d come home and find it in pieces, but it always went back together cleaner and ran better. 

Oct 21

This is the only correct and acceptable answer. Eddie Bauer with tan leather, green exterior and possibly a bug deflector.

Oct 8

I beat his record every year. Theyre called airplanes, dude.

Oct 7

Ill never forget the day I won a ‘92 Honda prelude and sold it for $2 million

Aug 11

I mean, it probably is. How many crashes are associated with the -200s that are caused by the plane itself in the past 20 years? Vs the MAX’s? Read more

Aug 9

Shocking. I always figured guys who bought Dodge Demons were totally zen and would only go to tracks after journaling their feelings and embracing their inner children, and then only to help others there self-actualize their potential. This comes as a great surprise.