5:49 PM

I remember as a kid my uncle had a painfully slow 80s Chevy S10 that also had a bench seat and a stick shift. The shifter looked almost identical to that, with the weird nearly 90 degree bend. Read more

2:26 PM

A 1980 Moto-Ski Mirage Special that was bought new in ‘80, then parked in a barn in ‘82 out in Elmvale, Ontario and forgotten about. Guy said he wanted $300 for the sled, and that the motor turned over. I drove up there, paid the $300, brought it home and spent 3 months trying to get it running and riding. Along the

1:25 PM

That old Merc that gets wrecked in the video for All Used Up by Sloan.

2:02 PM

Round 12 of the 1998 BTCC season, at Donington Park. It’s a shame all the videos of the event have been taken down from YouTube because it was one hell of an entertaining race from start to finish. There was even a video of Mansell, Cleland and Leslie all smiling and joking around about it after the finish.

8:16 PM

The more I look at it, the more it’s a Ford Probe with the rear hatch glass from a Porsche 944 bolted to the front of it. 

11:22 PM

This GM Dealership wasn’t Addison, was it? 

8:14 PM

It would appear as though the aircraft was not on fire until after the landing. Multiple videos show the aircraft landing hard, bouncing then landing hard a second time, with the tail collapsing and the aircraft bursting into flames. Read more

2:16 AM

Cobra because of it’s beautiful noise, and I am a sucker for how nice a car sounds. Also I enjoy cars that are raw, and scary.

5:09 PM

The 2017 GMC Terrain I have as a rental right now has a touchscreen that takes 7-10 business days to respond to my input. Granted it does have physical buttons you can use to control it, but they’re poorly placed and almost recessed within the console, so they’re hard to find while you’re driving.

7:42 PM

I had a 1998 Dodge Neon in high school (about 11 years ago). Yeah it was cheap, yeah it was falling apart, but it was tough as nails and reliable as hell. Admittedly I beat the ever living crap out of that car but it never let me down. I finally sold it for $500 at 400,000kms. I hold a soft spot in my heart for the

2:46 AM

Haha it’s weird little things like that on cars that I find give them some character. I’m just as guilty for having a bulky set of keys. I can only imagine how much I’ve added to the previous owners wear in that respect. 

2:41 AM

The area on the center console you say looks like it’s been melted seems to be inline with the marks on the panel beside it. That wouldn’t happen to be right below the ignition would it? My 2013 Frontier has similar wear patters in a 180 degree semi circle below the ignition from the previous owners keys swinging Read more

2:08 AM

At least you can still get parts. I’ve come to find that wearable parts on my ‘80 Sunbird are NLA. I had to find someone with a new old stock centerlink to replace mine, or send mine out and pay $140 to have it rebuilt. Read more

11:52 PM

That would be awesome! I’ve always hoped to get my hands on a good quality CP Air 747 or 727 model. I jumped on the WestJet 767 model as I knew that would be short lived i their fleet, and I was fortunate enough to have my boss send me an Icelandair 767 Model. 

11:39 PM

My grandfather worked for them, and I have an old CP Air uniform in my closet. I work at YYZ and occasionally I’ll wear it to work. It always puts a smile on the older people working there when I wear it. They did have a gorgeous paint job. 

12:05 AM

I grew up around people who are now in their 40s-50s complaining about how when they were younger they watched countless Chevelles, Novas, Trans Ams, Camaros, Mustangs, GTOs etc. get destroyed because they were worthless at the time.

12:37 AM

I watched every one of these videos and thoroughly enjoyed them. Y’all look like you’re having a blast.

12:22 AM

There’s a number of unused fields and an old quarry around my town, so we’ve never had trail passes. But I’m contemplating buying a really clean 80s John Deere sled and getting a trail pass this winter.