Insert Clever Name
Oct 14

It will be 8 episodes of Dexter putting on women’s clothing and hanging around in bars......

Oct 2

Tomorrow’s New York Times: Patti Lupone rescues endangered red panda cub from gender reveal party gone horribly wrong.

Sep 30

AS a young gay guy I watched the movie between my fingers late one night — the shame, self-loathing and repression represented on-screen— and expected in real life, were palpable—- as was expected until pretty recently. Then we learned how to live out loud. Read more

Sep 23

I think it’s disgusting how the reviewer characterizes product placement not as the cynical, artistically-devoid money grab it is, but rather as just “good sense.” Please. That’s not just “good sense.” Good sense is a reverse mortgage. Did you know that for 9 out of 10 Americans age 55 or older, their home is their Read more

Sep 12

To paraphrase Charlie Brooker, this looks about as interesting as watching cardboard exist.

Sep 4

So what? Animation is built on plagiarism. If it weren’t for someone plagiarizing the Honeymooners we wouldn’t have the Flintstones. If someone hadn’t ripped off Sergeant Bilko, there’d be no Top Cat. Huckleberry Hound, Chief Wiggum, Yogi Bear? Hah! Andy Griffith, Edward G. Robinson, Art Carney. Your honor, you take Read more

Aug 28

Trans people, of course, famously taking advantage of society’s permissive attitude toward them.

Aug 20

Music is like Saturday Night Live, in that it’s all terrible except for the era between the first album you bought and just after college.

Aug 17

I can’t look at him and NOT think, “Who are 3 people that have never been in my apartment.” 

Jan 10

As David Cross says, the reason is because it is the ultimate fuck you to poor people.