Donnel who? ahhh you mean Goku, cause that was the nickname my friends and i gave him, dude is a beast.

Back when I was in High School (when dinosaurs roamed the earth) I joined an after school computer club so I could learn BASIC on a super cool Apple ][ Read more

So you’re saying Trump doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about? Read more

I am no fan of Assange (mainly due to his personal need for attention/unlike Snowden) - but the reasons he’s gonna be prosecuted for, is a fucking shitshow (Reason: he embarrassed the US security agencies)

Wikileaks did strong work in 2010, but Assange himself picked up sexual coercion / assault /molestation charges in Switzerland (originally it was just a request by two women to force him to be tested for STD’s, but he fought with Swedish law enforcement so much they threw the book at him), and then hid in the Read more

You maybe need one focusing on the face of the woman who told the truth about him and his grifting Malevolent Maladministration, instead of yet another one of his giving away his inner infantile tantrum-throwing eight-year-old by his body language.

Is it just me or does the one guy in the bulky coat, who seems to be a playable character, look a lot like loader bot in disguise?

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

Awake with a baby who hates sleep.

Where were you last night when I needed you?

Kick the door twice and it will break it, leaving no door.  Hope this helps.

Gita, thank you. I can’t say I always see eye to eye with staff writers, but I can wholeheartedly say that Kotaku is a better place for having you here and that your efforts make a difference, each and every day. Your perspectives matter and it makes all of us a little smarter, more empathetic, and wiser each read. Tha Read more

All these half-assed jokes make me want to close my bowser.

Do Americans realise how weird the rest of the world finds it, when the US makes kids swear a pledge of allegiance, and all of the flag fetishising? Read more

Thank goodness! I was worried when Netflix didn’t give it that quick renewal - it’s a good show.