Oct 3

Ok, maybe its the stupid European in me, or I am trying to understand crazy too much here, but where is the connection between “Dead Babys” and Anti-Vaxx? Wouldnt more vaccinations prevent Dead Babys?

Jul 27 2019

For all the hate Klefki usually gets I honstly always thought that its kind of adorable, if slightly dorky.
Then, I randomly used it to battle my friend who promptly got half his team destroyed by a goddamn keychain! Seriously this thing might not pack a punch, but as a harasser with high survivability it is an utter Read more

May 7 2019

As a developer working on a Kickstarter Project in an Indie Studio I can 100% confirm how difficult it is to balance this. Fans & Backers often make good points and have in general good intentions, but you really, REALLY want to avoid this kind of toxic “I WANT THIS NOOOOWWWWW!!!” mentality, because it takes a toll on Read more

Mar 25 2019

While I assumed we would be getting a new Switch sometime this year, my personal bet was more on a Switch Lite or XL, similarly to the DS Lite or the 3DS XL. No changes to hardware & capabilities, but lots of small QoL improvements, like better/bigger screen, charging port in a better location, improved stand, etc...
Th Read more

Mar 5 2019

Totally agree! One of the reasons I loved Just Cause 3 so much. Yes, technically this game can be repetitive, but a: destruction and movement feel so damn good in this game, and b: the propaganda broadcasts that air whenever you destroy something only get better over time!

Feb 27 2019

Hey Gita, thank you for this (and all the other) amazing pieces!
As a young game dev that is still learning both the job and the industry your articles have helped me more than once to see and understand parts of this amazing medium and communities that I would have overlooked or dismissed otherwise.
Again, thank you, Read more

Jan 8 2019

Potentially dumb question from Europe here: Is anyhing known about Young Justice Outsiders coming over here any time soon or at all? I’ve been searching for some time and cant find anything. Not even a “probably at some point on netflix” kind of thing like with Titans.

Dec 7 2018

As someone who is currently finishing up Tokyo Mirage Sessions and being seriously addicted to some of the songs this looks like a must buy for me! Both the super stylish visuals and even more the catchy songs!

Nov 27 2018

God, I am so conflicted about this. I loved the books as a teenager (and still like them quite a lot today) and have been waiting for this a long time, often fearing it may never happen.
And on the one hand, the atmosphere and the aesthetic looks awesome, I really dig the way they are combining fantasy and high tech, Read more

Nov 27 2018

The most galling thing about this is the obvious inherent sexism in many of those arguments. If she had been male she would be lauded as heroic and brave, standing up against her own party in a difficult situation, principled and unbending to partisanship, the ever watchful specter of fairness and the rule of law or Read more

Nov 6 2018

They are relatively diverse by todays standards in video games, unfortunatly the latter are so effing low that even the god-damn hamster wouldnt be able to crawl beneath the bar.
Also, as mentioned in the article, this diversity comes with caveats, like the fact that most female heroes look uncomfortably similar, see Read more

Nov 2 2018

Its an incredibly Sakurai thing to do. Its easy to forget with all the different fan demands, but Sakurai usually looks for interesting and unique movesets and not big brand recognition when it comes to new fighters, and Piranha Plant is another perfect example for this.
I love how utterly random and unexpected it is Read more

Nov 1 2018

So I remember making the same mistake...
In my first 3D game ever...
during university...
in third grade...
for jumping only.

Its like one of the most basic lessons you learn in programming, be careful what is bound to framerate, or you will run into some really weird physics bugs very quickly. I cant imagine how Bethesda Read more

Oct 27 2018

As someone who has only very little knowledge of Castlevania in general I really, really liked this a lot!
The first season really was more of a pilot, giving you a basic idea of what this show could become, like the vertical slice demos of video games that are shown at E3. And just like those games end up being slower Read more

Oct 23 2018

You could just have elections on a Sunday.
Like seriously, I dont get how “DE GREETOST DEMUCRATZI IN DE WOUHRLD” has such a ridicoulusly complicated voting system. Different laws in every state, you have the register under specific circumstances and even thn can be turned away, some states allow vote by mail some Read more

Sep 28 2018

Thats the biggest irony.
If the situation was switched around, Ford yelling, demanding, interrupting, asking for affirmation from the people that are supposed to be impartial while attacking half of them and Kavanough being the silent, procedural one that controls his emotions and brought a polygraph test and whatnot, Read more

Sep 27 2018

This is really sad.
I loved so much about this game. I cant think of another MMO that had so many good ideas in its design and was so bold in actually implementing them.
The saddest part is the fact that it simply died of low exposure, during the original launch it had to fight against The Elder Scrolls Online and the Read more

Sep 11 2018

Honestly, this is just embarassing...
Not unexpected, no, its Nintendo after all, but still embarassing...
On the one hand, yes, they have a point, there would possibly exist some arcane method to cheat in this way, but its pretty easy to make safeguards against this, it definitely wouldnt be as easy as the old Pokemon Read more

Aug 30 2018

Gods, so much awesomeness...
I dont even know where to start, the beautiful Metal Gear Art (Fuck Konami), The awesome Samus rendition or maybe the badass Jaeger...
Also, maybe its just me, but the style of the Castlevania Top-Pic, especially the text-art reminds me of the new Wolfenstein Games in a certain way...
Wolfe Read more