Suck It, Trebek

Dammit Jason, I thought you were one of the good ones Read more

And yet Becky McWhitetears will face no consequences from the university or police. Read more

I suspect the good doctor is a flaming misogynist with a God complex, which is better served by his “heroic” efforts to deliver all these babies than it is to actually serve his patients and his community effectively. Read more

“Drew Has Got a Boner” syncs better to Dude Looks Like a Lady than it does to Janie’s Got a Gun. Read more

“This is more for the professional world, because honestly, no one that you’d consider a friend would ever dare do a voice call these days.” Read more

I’mma gonna start at the Tongan dude and work my way back towards home. Read more

“- Safety - If you read travel blogs, most crimes that happen to tourists are crimes of theft, usually in the form of pickpockets, who are criminals of opportunity. If you look like a tourist, you will more likely be targeted, than if you look like someone on business. A good sports coat, helps one blend in, Read more

1. Cut all the brownies and place them on a plate. Read more

As a victim of abuse, I can tell you it is taxing every day of my life. It is hell. If he wants sympathy, let the devil provide it when he lands in hell. This monster should have to hear the victim impact audio on loop replay in his cell every minute of every day for the rest of his life. Read more

What, they don’t have the ‘if you have sex you’ll get AIDS and get pregnant and DIE’ classes out there? Read more

“She was always belittling him” Read more

French women are cool girls who don’t care about infidelity. Read more

I’m of French descent, with many French exes, an an estranged French husband, and can confidently say this is largely cultural. “Seduction” is the norm, and any cry against it should be silenced. I’ve been told multiple times that if I allow myself to become cold to these kinds of advances, I will end up bitter and Read more

i mean, i WISH our biggest problem right now was men being too gentlemanly....idgaf if a guy holds a door open for me. heck, there’s a gas station by my house...i dont think i have ever touched the door handle. somebody always gets it for me, and i say thank you. that’s definitely not what i’m outraged about. Read more

What’s more romantic than watching your boss jerk off into a plant??? American women JUST DON’T GET IT! Read more

Unfortunately, he’ll never put the two events together. Read more

I don’t think Drew is trying to beat the hourglass so he can turn the pump off, it’s just a game to play to see how fast you can be in and out. Same logic goes for all of us when we do as much shit possible while the microwave is going. We aren’t worried about it fucking exploding, we’re just simple idiots who find Read more

A coworker just microwaved grocery store sushi cause raw fish grossed him out. Fuck this country. I quit.
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12 years of Catholic school here too. My favorite joke: Read more