IDK why this is under “Evil Week.” You’re doing the lord’s work.

You know, this fucker has broken my ability to believe that everyone has at least some redeeming quality. If you wrote every one of his lies on a piece of gravel you’d probably have enough to buy him and his cabinet alive. It’s just infuriating and exhausting.

I’m a white guy from Indiana. I’m a pastor and a police officer. I’ve always been a conservative and I’ve even seen Gaffigan live. Read more

Here we go with the Lost Cause shit.

Exactly, I think about that every time that sentence is mentioned. Because “Black people only counted as 3/5ths of a person” is an easier damning sentence, but in the context of what was being discussed, they absolutely should have not counted at all. Slaveowners wanted their to have their cake and eat it too - not Read more

You should be ashamed and embarrassed for yourself. This is disgusting and you're a fucking moron.

I’m tired of all the idiots yelling “but what about people with COPD and severe asthma, your mask mandate will be bad for them”. I’m sure that anyone with a major respiratory risk factor strongly supports universal masking and is staying the fuck at home if they can

“ethnic intimidation” = “being non-white around someone who is terrified of everyone who is not white”. It’s like an agoraphobe trying to sue the outdoors for being there.

I have given birth to none. I have fostered seven in my home. I have financially supported two Africans throughout their childhood. I am auntie to none by blood, I am auntie to at least 10 otherwise. I have pics of Japanese, Ethiopian and Caucasian kids on my mantel right now. But I take great care NOT to elevate Read more

Hate to break it to you, but you’re wrong. End of discussion.

I, for one, am anti-fascist in the sense that I’m against fascists.

What sucks about this moment is that this *could* have been an opportunity to talk about the real issue of people with adoption regret, or adoption... idk fatigue, in which they are faced with raising a special needs child in addition to the stresses of adoption, let alone transracial adoption. But it can’t be, ‘cause Read more

If it were effective, it would be in common use.  It hasn’t been effective.  Don’t you think the Chinese would have been using this for weeks? 

I could be wrong, but I don’t think the person who emails to ask if it’s even possible is the person who will successfully set up a VLAN.

Yes! I was the target demo for the 1st generation and I always thought the gun was stupid. Who is meant to hold the gun? It just hovers in the air? Even a ground cannon of some sort would have made more sense.

Yes! I was the target demo for the 1st generation and I always thought the gun was stupid. Who is meant to hold the

The thickness.....laaawwwdddd.

So, you’d prefer a system where some bureaucrat who doesn’t really know you gets to decide whether you’re worth spending money on or whether you should just be left to die/deal with whatever you’re dealing with?” Read more