Jul 10

I, too, am bothered by people being potentially happy with one another when I desire them all to be miserable.

Jun 30

It is common everywhere (especially in Texas where fajitas originated) to get a platter of pico, sour cream, lettuce, cheese and guacamole for your fajitas.

Jun 29

Nah, you can definitely say Hazel is wrong. Even ignoring that Office Space is clearly a comedy and not a drama. Peter is almost the proto “beta.” Even when he begins standing up for himself it is in no way connected to masculinity.  

Jun 16

I’ve got a distant cousin who is a Statie in NH. He would tell stories about rolling up to a car he pulled over and the guy goes into the center console and his hand is already on his gun ready to draw. Almost invariably, they are going for registration or wallet. He only ever mentioned one time a guy had a gun there. Read more

Jun 15

Is disarming the police (largely) off the table? The average beat or traffic cop has no use for a firearm 99.5% of the time and even that may be generous. The militarization of the police force begets militarized responses. 

Jun 13

Despite the great deal I got on last years model, this makes me wish I had waited. It hits on a lot of the annoyances I have with last years, namely the garbage, muffled sound; footprint; runs like hot plate. 

Jun 4

Still up and likely will never be corrected. However, Joan has proven time and again to be terrible and useless.

Jun 1

Stop perpetuating this myth. Corporations are not obligated by law to maximize shareholder (return) profit. Here is a cliff notes version, though far more interesting takes are out there, educate yourself: Read more

Mar 2

This is inexplicably getting solid reviews, despite being pretty bad. There isn’t much tension, nor scares. It’s treatment of women, after the open is astonishingly stupid. It seems to want to say “believe women” while undermining the very concept.