Aug 13 2019

Inspired by the below post and because it is peak tomato at my house, anyone have some much loved salsa recipes? Or,

Jul 29 2019
Survey Says

It would appear that “management” is looking for data to drive decisions. Which, in a vacuum is good thing, but

Jul 22 2019

Back some indeterminate time ago, like you all, I was a “glowing young ruffian” but through a combination of inertia

Jul 3 2019

It would appear that joining Get Out really does take you into the white version of the sunken place. I know Joan

Jul 1 2019
Dem Debate Aftermath

Harris did indeed get the bump. Compared to the prior Politico poll, there was an even tradeoff for her and Biden

Jun 26 2019

So, uh, where do we all come down on this? I’m not even sheepishly over here raising my hand saying it is a bridge

Jun 18 2019

I don’t much care about Pete, but it would be so much quicker to say he isn’t Bernie.

May 30 2019

When you think you may be dying, or at the very least inhibited from living a full life your perspective narrows. I

May 21 2019

The World. It sucks out there, you see. I spend most of my days in a rage coma too adrenaline filled to do anything

Apr 17 2019
Where to?

Six months ago the tremors began in earnest. You never really notice it when it first starts. Perhaps it’s just a

Mar 27 2019
On Jussie

I’m not going to delve into this hornet’s nest trapped in quicksand laced with Cardi B’s roofies, but that above is