Jul 11 2017

Yes!! So good and he was so charming, sweet and sad.

Jul 11 2017

NPR had an old interview with him from about 5 years ago a few months back. He was a lovely human being and a great writer.

Jul 11 2017

In which Sendak tells the story of a protagonist named Atticus Finch who is revealed to be selling national secrets to Russian agents just before the Cuban Missile Crisis in exchange for opposition research on his opponent during a contentious campaign for district attorney. Read more

Jul 5 2017

Seriously. The Nazis weren’t “terrorists”—they were the actual government. And if you replaced every “Islamic” with “Jewish” in his little Facebook screed, you’d pretty much have *exactly* the official policy and rhetoric that led to Auschwitz in the first place. Read more

Jun 29 2017

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders: ‘[Americans] Knew What They Were Getting When They Voted for Donald Trump’”
Absolutely. That’s why most Americans DIDN’T vote for him. Damn the Electoral College to the deepest pits of Hyades.

Jun 28 2017

Rachel didn’t phrase her comments the dumb way you did, and as you can clearly see in the tweet above, I did respond!

Jun 28 2017

Sometimes it’s not about fucking achieving something. It’s about letting all the shit you have to carry around existing as a black person in a white space. Something you can’t possibly understand unless you’ve experienced it.

Jun 28 2017

That’s exactly the kind of “rise above racism” shit white people spew to try to placate POC. Nah. Sometimes a racist needs to be dressed down. Read more

Jun 6 2017

It’s always interesting to see the degree people’s confirmation bias will lead them to accept as fact what they would normally recognize as paranoid conspiracy theory. This is silly. The Democratic Party has always had trouble putting forth a strong national candidate except for once or twice in a generation. It’s a Read more

Jun 6 2017

That’s paranoid bullshit. The Clintons don’t have the power to determine who’s elected to the senate or governor’s office in any given state. There’s been no shortage of prominent Democrats in the last three decades. There just haven’t been very many who seemed to be worth a damn. Try as you might, that’s not a Read more

May 25 2017

I don’t get why his look from Neighbors 1 and 2 wasn’t acceptable for this movie. In Neighbors, he looked like a hot dude who obviously spends a ton of time at the gym but doesn’t roid it up. Now though? *shudders*

May 25 2017

It was a glorious decision laying out in impeccable detail just why the EO is unconstitutional. But the kicker was the opening paragraph, where the Court declared that the travel ban “in text speaks with vague words of national security, but in context drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination.” Read more