11:45 AM

I actually think it’s more complicated and I think it shows how well the right has played the refs (“all media is liberal”). I think most press has a “liberal world view” but liberal in the most dictionary way of open to new ideas, progress, change, speaking truth to power etc. I was shocked recently when my Read more

11:41 AM

I think yes sympathy but for a two-fold reason. I think this is a great opportunity where the moral and the political decisions are in alignment. There’s that old joke “the left looks for traitors, the right looks for converts.” I think she’s a great convert to the left and if embraced could be a powerful surrogate Read more

7:29 PM

I think we need to repeat this constantly. The man lost the popular vote by almost 3 million... An institution designed to preserve slavery, not “the people”, allowed him to win the presidency

7:16 PM

Definitely. I got into it about the travel ban yesterday with this Republican douche I know. There is no real policy point behind the ban so the Supreme Court’s decision to allow it to go partially into effect is a “win” but only because he doesn’t give two shits about basically any policy. It’s a weird double edged Read more

7:13 PM

But Trump was a shitty candidate who ran a shitty campaign so I think this oversimplification is *precisely* what I worry will doom us. It is not clear really did run a shitty campaign— sure in hindsight there were errors—but all the bullshit about her not spending enough time in Wisconsin? Ignores the systematic Read more

1:55 PM

You’re misdiagnosing the symptom as the cause. Put Bill Clinton and his third-way bullshit into its proper post Reagan/Thatcher 1990s context. It’s not a coincidence that the same thing happened in the UK with Blair. The reason your posts strike me as containing a whiff of confirmation bias is your laser focus on the Read more

1:46 PM

To help the situation? Da fuq are you talking about. It was the responsibility of some back woods 30-something governor and his wife to prevent the Mondales and Dukakises of the world? The anti-Clinton bullshit on the LEFT is unreal sometimes.

1:43 PM

This is profoundly stupid and profoundly cynical. It’s also pretty easy to disprove. There are current and former rising stars in the party (see e.g. Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, Sherrod Brown, Ted Strickland, Alex Sink, etc.). Obama is to blame as anyone for the weak bench; he was famously bad at helping and Read more

7:31 PM

Exactly! Especially in the first Neighbors. That was a great but natural looking body. In this movie I guess he’s suppose to be playing a former Olympic swimmer (a la Ryan Lochte) and honestly this build is even LESS appropriate for that backstory. It’s truly baffling.

6:44 PM

Not into Zac’s roidy look in this movie. It’s so, I don’t know, artificial looking? He clearly doesn’t have the natural build/frame for the mass. I miss old Zefron

6:40 PM

Yeah he looks roided out and gross. There was a glorious middle period between current Musclemouse and OG twink but alas those days are gone

2:28 PM

Errmmm I don’t get the sexual appeal. I find him so average looking. Which is FINE but they need to stop casting him as anything remotely close to beefcake.