Feb 3

I had a friend who worked for Ford for a week. He attached brake pedals. He admitted he attached them very badly. "If you are driving a Ford Taurus and the brake pedal fell off, I'm sorry, it was me."

Aug 24

We’ll just have to wait and see what the groundskeepers do next spring at the direction of the Bidens. Read more

May 24

I want to snorgle their little bellies and coo at them while my face bleeds from the multiple puncture marks caused by their wee widdle murder-mittens.

May 18

Unpopular counterpoint: The Matrix is actually a dreadful film (the horrible screenplay is mostly to blame, causing good actors to read terrible lines, though Fishburne isn’t helping with his ponderous and overly-serious manner) with groundbreaking and still-impressive special effects that ALMOST cloak its Read more

Apr 30

People kept telling me Elizabeth Warren wasn’t “electable enough”. However, I have strong feeling that if Warren were the nominee, we wouldn’t be having this problem...

Apr 28

If Pence brought the virus back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue I’d be totally okay with that.

Mar 25

That meme has spoken to  the depths of my introvert SOUL...

Mar 25

These people were clearly never told “only boring people get bored” when they were kids. Also they need attention like they need air. Jesus. Influencers and celebrities are in a tie for folks who are desperate for attention in these trying times. Frankly I hope they all learn a lesson about doing way too much for very

Mar 3

I’m a elder Gen X and I would love it if Warren was a front runner. I don’t trust anyone else running AT ALL. I don’t care what any of those dudes say, they’re all problematic AF...and I’ll have to vote for one of them, eventually. Read more

Mar 2

Drop a 3000 hp drag racing engine in it, take it to the drag strip and go around saying things like, “This hot dog has some mustard on it,” “The thing about hot dogs is you never really know what they have in them,” and “It’s got some meat between the buns.”