Thursday 1:58PM

Writer has a decent budget and wants something funky, and unique.

6/11/21 4:55PM

Look, give them a break, they’ve tried nothing and are all out of ideas!

6/09/21 12:49PM

The day this thing hits dealer lots and as fast as their 3D printers will go.

6/03/21 8:42PM

I just hope it comes with stability control as standard equipment. Nobody wants to spin - flat or otherwise - in their new truck.

1/21/20 12:40PM

LS smells like PBR and a corner store pre-packaged cheeseburger you have to warm up inside its plastic cover. Steams pours out while on your lunch break from “your own construction company” 3 days into installing floor tile on a 10 x 10 restroom insisting you’re serving your country by taking jobs back from illegals. Read more

1/16/20 11:18PM

I asked my family chauffer what he thought about a turbo charged Bentley and he repled: “A Bently should be blown, and not charged.” I could only agree, as I once again marveled at the clever intellect of the working man.

1/06/20 2:15PM

There’s so much great happening in that one picture of the two Rams and the Ramcharger on the trailer.  The best looking trucks of the ‘80s, all just doing truck stuff.  Fuck yeah! 

11/04/19 3:13PM

I’d honestly rather have what Chrysler is currently offering.

8/22/19 7:52PM

I just did 1000 miles in a NB. It was not fun. Definitely not for the highway.

8/09/19 10:44AM

THIS is a 1939 Porsche Type 64. It’s the Porsche before Porsches were Porsches, before the 356 and 911 were even a thought in anyone’s mind. In fact, it’s a Porsche from a time before Volkswagens were even Volkswagens. It is considered to be the very first Porsche, ever - and today I’m going to review it. Read more

7/10/19 10:20PM

You’ve disabled the hydraulic impact crash dampening system.

7/10/19 6:14PM

Been there... took the plugs out. 

6/28/19 12:52PM

I swear to god if our generation tries to turn this into our American Graffiti, I’m shooting myself in the face. Read more