Monday 4:26PM

Look up the SS United States. Would be amazing to save the ship but in the end, horribly impractical. 

6/11/21 12:29PM

Ford V10 cats like the one in this video are going for well over $1,500. A friend of mine parted his out and was shocked to see the value of his. 

6/11/21 12:28PM

Fun fact, we found out that Ford V10 catalytic converters are some of the most valuable catalytic converters next to some older Prius converters. That is part of the reason Uhaul welds a rebar cage around them. Thankfully Ford advertises your engine choice on the side of the truck, making it easier to find the Read more

6/02/21 9:04AM

Boat= Bust.Out.Another.Thousand. Except millions in this case. Long Beach is about to find out there are two great days of boat ownership, the day it arrives and the day it’s sold. 

1/06/20 3:35PM

After showing my girlfriend what I was getting ready to buy she said, “there is no coming back from being seen in that thing.”

9/16/19 3:18PM

What fatal flaw did they design into the car that will give people a headache 10 years from now?? 

8/16/19 11:37AM

You should really check out the Dale Jr. Download if you haven’t already. His guest last week was Dave Marcis and it was worth the listen!

7/10/19 2:32PM

What ever you do, don’t forget to drain your rocker panels though.

3/05/19 1:57PM

Does this motor share any relation to the Northstar? 

2/15/19 3:00PM

I’ve owned my 2018 Accord 2.0t 6 speed for a year in January and they still haven’t worked out all of the kinks in it. It is simple things that are wrong too that the dealership gripes about having to fix. Read more

6/20/18 4:27PM

South Boston Speedway is in South Boston, Virginia.... not West Virginia.