A Classy Thomas Newman score

Good note, I’m going to keep this in mind. Read more

He’s just trying to get her primed.  Read more

One thing America is *VERY* ready for? Improved rail transportation infrastructure. And that will help with inequality issues across the board: Read more

Honest to God - my FIRST thought. “Maybe if your lot paid taxes like you should... Like WE do.” Read more

It’s strange how antagonistic the Trump team has been to Congress. The Republicans run the whole government (for seven more weeks, anyhow) It should be easy to arrange for Cohen not to be asked any inconvenient questions. Read more

Jesus. What a mind-job these past couple years have been. Read more

I don’t mean to be extreme, but every single commenter who said he should run for President should have their IP address perma-banned.  Read more

he’s going to be the next president of the United States Read more

I just cannot stand everything about her. Her over-enunciation like she’s thinking super carefully about this bullshit. Her over-combed hair. The random words that somehow almost form coherent sentences. Why must we be subjected to this/them/it? Read more

I’m incredibly candid with him but my discussions with him are between me and him and that makes sense for anyone who has a seat at the table and whose voices are heard” Read more

This is propaganda for middle aged and younger white women. Ivanka’s smiling face saying that “everything is fine, nothing to see here” is worth millions dollars of PR. She is the most dangerous weapon that Trump has in his political arsenal. Read more

What do you call the daughter of an organized crime boss? Say it with me. A cunt. Read more

And there she is on TV spreading her bullshit. Thanks, GMA! Read more

If she accomplishes nothing else, I’ll still applaud her for providing definitive proof that a soul is not a necessary component of human existence. Read more

Seems like Ralph isn’t the only one eating glue in Miss Hoover’s class.  Read more

Washington is prepared to go down with that white boy Read more

Washington gets behind Colt, prepares to get kicked in the face five more times.  Read more

It makes me sick and it just makes me heartbroken for her. She won this goddamn race! She came within, what, 3% of this mega shitbird AFTER he suppressed the fuck out of the votes of POC, fucked up the election on purpose, oversaw his OWN election. It’s the definition of corruption and she still nearly beat him-which Read more