A Classy Thomas Newman score
Jan 7 2019

Anderson Cooper has always been mediocre and completely unwilling to challenge any established power. People should feel free to criticize him for being a Vanderbilt failson without fear of being called homophobic.

Nov 8 2018

If the dems had any political cunning they would have captioned that sign with: The GOP wants to kill you. But they have no cunning. 

Nov 3 2018

That, but most terribly of all: the underclass that has had all of their class consciousness brainwashed out of them. I work in a country club and my co workers think the bougie slob patrons are their actual friends, No! These people are your class enemy dummy. 

Nov 3 2018

This. And all the people still in 2018 who are willfully oblivious to what is going on and don’t realize just what the elite in this country will do once it gets the authoritarianism it desires. 

Nov 3 2018

Spot on. Add in a crowd of apathetic people twiddling their thumbs along to, “I’m not really into politics, it just doesn’t interest or effect me.” 

Nov 2 2018

One potential outcome of this midterms, if the dems take the house, is a major spike in domestic terrorism. His followers could very well intensify efforts to do bodily harm to figures such as Pelosi as they are directly confronted with losing power. Folks, buckle up, this is all far from over.

Nov 1 2018

I think the word ‘deal’ just pinballs around his head. “I make deals, really great deals. They come to me for the deals. I make the deal, and the economy goes boom. Obama made bad economy because black.”