2:38 PM

It’s reversible so she can wear it as a tuxedo too. Fanny doesn’t believe in gender specific clothing.

2:10 PM

Here’s a Sprite-in-a-basket! This used to be Sam’s windowsill basket, but Sprite discovered it and it’s now his basket and she won’t go in it at all.

1:19 PM

I love his little snooty face in #5.

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1:18 PM

The Tonk Patrol on high alert, ready to spring into action to save the Earth in millisec- ... oh, ok, they were celebrating one of the first days all summer when Australia wasn’t completely on fire or being flooded and washed away. Rare is the person or beast that can snuggle and relax like a Tonkinese cat.

1:17 PM

Teh ruh being baby sis with a rude tail to the face:

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1:14 PM

We’ve started taking our Very Good Boy to a day care place every so often so he can get a little exercise and maybe lose a little weight. In this photo he looks like he’s in general lock-up with an ear cocked listening for the return of his cellmate, with whom he might be conspiring for an attempted breakout. But no,

12:21 PM

Another one in Rin chilling in her furry bower series. I’m home all day and she spends all her time outside doing this.

12:19 PM

Today I give you a two picture set from the Facebook page of the doggy daycare that Ruby sometimes visits. I call it “can I have another pet please.”

12:14 PM

This week besides Mu’s normal affair of sitting there being handsome we have him jumping on my receiver when he knows he’s not supposed to. And when he yelled at me he acted like the couldn’t hear my.