Cat VonAwesome
12/20/17 4:38PM

And if Poe had just followed his goddamn orders and trusted his superior officers it could have saved the lives of 90% of the remaining Resistance people too. Because that’s actually how military organizations work. You don’t get to decide that hey, your commanding officer isn’t leveling with you and it’s time for you Read more

12/20/17 4:34PM

I lived on a military base for 18 years and Holdo’s actions did not confuse me in the slightest. Didn’t give it a second thought. An Admiral is absolutely not going to share all their plans with someone of substantially lower rank. This is why obedience and chain of command are so important in militaries. You might Read more

5/18/17 5:11PM

Does this suit have vents, so that all the water that comes in at her cleavage-y neckline escapes, or do her boots just balloon up with water?

3/09/17 9:56AM

“Guys, I can’t actually explain how much I love these dumb, wonderful movies if I want to accomplish anything else today,[...]” Read more

1/12/17 9:37AM

Oh I bet when it’s actually cast 6/7 will be white. I was just being pedantic.

1/12/17 9:07AM

*sigh* I wish they would stick to the reboot plot, I don’t trust them to make up a new one that isn’t garbage. Still going to hold out hope for Sam though.

1/05/17 7:00PM

Even if this just meant it was a literally rip off of Better Off Ted I would still watch 1000% of that because BOT was AMAZING!

1/05/17 6:27PM

I kind of miss campy syndicated TV never failed to entertain me on a borring Sunday afternoon.

1/05/17 6:21PM

I’d like to say that I watched that when I was 15 just for the cleavage. But in reality I watched it in my early twenties...just for the cleavage.

1/05/17 6:15PM

They should have tied it into the Blue Beetle instead of Batman, so the show could just be called Better off Ted Kord.

12/16/16 5:46PM

I bet he didn’t go down to the planet cause he hated the sand.

12/08/16 6:56PM

Sounds like Disney was hesitant to fully invest in spin-off Star Wars movie until they saw the initial footage and box office receipts from The Force Awakens. Read more

11/15/16 8:57AM

We usually start getting the new Star Wars ornaments in July when Hallmark begins releasing them. My family is SW addicted, I’m in the 501st Legion too. This was a no brainer buy and glad we were able to find the very last one at our local store last week. They said they have been flying off the shelves and probably Read more

10/18/16 12:18PM

Yeah, but even in its beauty it had its issues. The wilderness was this huge beautiful thing filled with trees you could finally climb, but often felt big for the sake of big, and multiple missions made you go from one side to the other. Just so much wasted potential.