Cat VonAwesome
5/12/17 12:35PM

I’ve got the opposite issue. Was shocked to find out after moving in with the bf that to quote, “I only saw Star Wars a couple times.” Meanwhile, I have a Darth Vader toaster. I’m old enough to have seen Jedi in the theater. Was only a year old for New Hope. Mom took my big sister without me. The ladies in my family Read more

3/12/17 6:22PM

Agreed. I mean I was never an Iron Fist fan so by his statement I guess I don’t even need to bother with it.

3/09/17 10:35AM

I love these movies with no judgement. I’m so here for this franchise and its ridiculousness. The more ridiculous the better!! Like, I wanted The Rock to ride that torpedo!

11/27/16 12:38PM

I was working Friday and Saturday so I just got it done on Tday (we opted out of thanksgiving plans this year and it was so much nicer to just sit in the house doing nothing haha)

11/15/16 2:21PM

Yes! There is a remote so the music is all manual and only plays when you want it to. The rest of the time it has a sort of ambient light scheme.

11/14/16 7:09PM

Good job!! I preordered as soon as a I saw a post about it in like July or something! So glad I didn’t hesitate.

11/14/16 7:08PM

Star wars and Xmas are my favorite things and most of my tree is already sci-fi/fantasy so this was perfect! And also within my budget.

11/14/16 5:46PM

I preordered this over the summer and it came in October. It is so awesome! I can’t wait to get it set up on the tree.

10/18/16 12:08PM

AC 3 is the only one I haven’t played multiple times..and the only one I didn’t keep. Traded that one in. So disappointing. The setting was beautiful. But oh so damn boring. I’m really over daddy issues.

10/18/16 12:06PM

Oddly, while I have no problem murdering the crap out of people in the games, I never could bring myself to do the whaling. Tried a few times and nope. I just saved up some cash and bought those supplies.

10/18/16 10:26AM

I’m the same way, I side quest until I am forced to forward the plot to do more side quests. Partly because I like to just money up and buy the fancy weapons early. And partly because I generally like the plot enough to not want to end it! (Exception to the rule AC:3 with Connor. I wanted to love that game but instead Read more

9/29/16 3:44PM

They’re inexpensive at (usually) $10 each, they represent many, many, many fandoms. So, its easy to just casually collect if you don’t want to spend a lot, and still have sort of a cohesive collection at the same time. I have a bunch. They’re fun and satisfy the nerd collector itch without me getting too insane. Read more

8/11/16 5:12PM

I was upset I was sorted Hufflepuff until I found that out and then I was like “Oh that makes sense then.”

7/09/16 6:33PM

I will 100% be posting pics of my Xmas tree during the holidays and using that line. Over and over again on facebook until people start unfriending me most likely. Christmas morning breakfast will be death star waffles from my death star waffle maker! (Also all my wrapping paper might already be Star Wars related. And Read more

7/09/16 6:31PM

I did just realize that the two Star Wars ornaments I have are both Empire rebels on the tree! haha Read more