cat bus
Oct 3 2018

Every time you think: he can’t stoop any lower, this is rock bottom. But there’s rock bottom, fifty feet of crap, then him. Read more

Oct 2 2018

Mitchell herself seemed to be getting somewhere when she was asking Kavanaugh about July 2nd. Then the old men yanked her so they could spend the rest of their time grandstanding.

Oct 2 2018

It’s no news that this assault was never going to trial. That’s terrible, but evaluating the Ford case for prosecution was never the point of the hearing. The purpose was to determine if Kavanaugh is suitable for the SCOTUS bench. Mitchell is plainly on a distraction mission, namely to discredit Dr. Ford and muddy Read more

Oct 2 2018

He knows he will get confirmed if he doesn’t withdraw. He doesn’t care what this does to his family, his friends, his victims or the country. His ambition is not bound by the tiniest bit of decency.

Oct 1 2018

Just the sort of thing a misogynist with progressing dementia who’s been under a lot of pressure lately might let slip out.

Oct 1 2018

If they leave, they can’t document the racist orange santorum-covered enemy of the people. If they don’t leave, it seems to lend credence to the Frothy One. Read more

Oct 1 2018

Except that acquaintances in NYC of mine do recall 45 having a glass of wine at places.  Not saying he drank to excess but he did drink when he was younger.  I know.  Fake news.  But it really isn’t.

Oct 1 2018

Jesus. The senile old goat thought she said, “I’m not thinking, Mr. President,” when she actually said, “I’m not. Thank you, Mr. President.” As in, I’m not surprised that you picked me. What a fucking moron he is.

Sep 30 2018

Are we going to talk about Kanye wearing a MAGA hat and getting booed by the audience for giving a pro-trump rant? He literally said the Democrats planned to take black fathers out of homes and put them on welfare. WTF? I guess most of it never made it on air but Chris Rock posted a video of it, it’s pretty cringey.