Jan 22

There’s something incredibly attractive about a tall woman who can lift you up by your throat

Jan 21

I think mellowing out and reevaluations are inevitable. In the ‘90s the general consensus among the Very Online fans was that RotK was mediocre at best, with too many Muppets and a plot that rehashed too many elements of ANH. Nowadays they seem to put it on par with the other two (if somewhat below TESB), citing how Read more

Jan 21

As someone who also played WoW (and read the books) for the story, I’m very, very jealous of (and happy for) people who can still enjoy it. It lost me around Cataclysm, and even after coming back for many expansions over the years, it’s just never recaptured my interest. Read more

Jan 20

Rule of Acquisition Number 9: “Greed is Eternal.”

Jan 4

What Rowling has said is shit. Don’t defend this bigot she has more than enough money to do it herself. If someone says awful things they should be held accountable. 

Jan 4

It feels like sometimes folks from marginalized groups who attain a crazy amount of success - enough so that they’re essentially inoculated to hardships by money, power, fame, etc - and are able to take a far more forgiving stance on things, especially when it comes to friends. I’m thinking similarly of Ellen paling Read more

Dec 29

I didn’t get why WW wasn’t affected. Minerva’s literal wish was to have Diana’s powers. Minerva did later say she didn’t want to be Diana but #1. Maybe being #1 means you are susceptible to electricity.

Dec 26

Its Kirby. He beats eldrich abominations and gods on the regular and has an infinite pocket dimension in his stomach

Dec 24

Biggest disappointment: that the competitive Smash community is full of sex pests, predators, and pedophiles. That’s definitely a top three “YIKES!”

Dec 23

Super cool...

CDPR crunched the living shit out of their devs, blatantly lied about the base model PS4/XB1 performance, only sent out PC code for review, deliberately did not allow journalists to use ANY of their own game capture and demanded they use only pre-packaged b-roll provided by CDPR. Game drops, is a total shi Read more

Dec 23

This is a great example of how a decade of hype/sales marketing can make even a mediocre game one of the biggest launches of one of the last few years. They managed to leverage all their Witcher 3 goodwill behind a marketing plan that would otherwise be dismissed as too good to be true and effectively created The Read more

Dec 18

It’s put together like Frankenstein’s monster. Cobbled together really good parts with lots of crap parts.

Dec 18

I hope they raised hell. I don’t know what the labor landscape looks like in Poland, but goddamn if this game doesn’t make a very strong case for unionization all by itself. Devs had their fingers worked to the bone and this was the result. Read more

Dec 15

Lets not forget that there is only 1 love interest per character and only 2 sexual encounters in the entire city. There was more action in harvest moon thb. The game is really weird with how it treats sex. There are billboards and ads everywhere, sounds through walls...but the real sexual nature of a futuristic city Read more