Feb 24

over the next 24 hours every brand will be tweeting McDonald’s cones to try to capture that fake ice cream stock bump magic.

Feb 24

Both of the games that you mention involve combat that, despite being real time, is closer to how the turn-based version works than taking an action combat game in say the style of DMC and turning it into a turn-based game. Pillars, for example, uses the same hit chance, the same behind the scenes dice rolls, the same Read more

Feb 24

It’s lighting. There doesn’t appear to be any modern ambient occlusion or other light emulation techniques (that flat skin definitely does not have subsurface scattering) that make objects in an image appear more grounded in their environment. As a result it looks like a bunch of assets were just put on top of each Read more

Feb 23

It’s a shame that Stadia seems to be fading away.  I got a free Stadia Premiere Edition in November for being a long time YouTube Premium subscriber, and I actually started to like it quite a bit! I was surprised at how stable things were, even in crazy chaotic multiplayer games like Risk of Rain 2 and Destiny, and it Read more

Feb 23

sorry, but wrong. Sony came into console gaming as a big non gaming tech company, initially just with the thought of making a cd drive extension for the SNES in coop with Nintendo, as that fell apart, well, they decided to make their own console. Read more

Feb 18

FFT is the best Tactical RPG ever made. It also has the best story of any FF game.

Fight me.

Feb 15

First off - regardless of intent, yeah, the film has had that impact and Demme has admitted such (again, much as he had hoped otherwise.)
How an individual reads it at this point is, unfortunately, kind of secondary to how we as a society read it and what we did with that reading.
Second - that transformative idea is a Read more

Feb 15

I think that’s bit rough. It’s an opinion piece by someone who’s life was directly and negatively affected by this film.

Feb 14

Clearly there’s a time loop and future humans “evolve” into the ancestors of modern humans.