Jun 21

This was one the first “holy shit, this is REALLY fast” racing games ever made.

Mar 6

the ONE good idea the otherwise horrible Superman Returns game had was not giving Supes a lifebar, and instead giving Metropolis a “collateral damage” meter, so you had to complete every fight being careful of your surroundings. That mechanic in a better game would rule, and it’s very true to the character.

Feb 24

Wanna see an SNL article not about Pete or the news anchor guys someday, all just “Cecily Strong shows up to work regularly, does good job, does not look like a candy cane with a bunch of tattoos on it.”

Feb 14

I'd say Untitled Goose Game made the most cultural impact though. Like, it may not be the flashiest or deepest experience of 2019, but *everybody* and their mom played it. I don't think any game that year had anywhere near the same level of public consciousness behind it.

Feb 10

Likely story. Jason - and all of Jalopnik - has been in the pocket of Big Otter Jizz for years now.

Feb 4

You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. Republicans had equal time as the Democrats in the House hearings. You are either lying or you’ve been drinking the kool-aid. The GOP are actively covering up and obstructing.

Feb 3

it’s always going to baffle me why guns and violence and outright gore are hunky-dory for the wider audience, but implied sex continues to be off-limits. Read more

Jan 21

Imagine playing a modern riff of Lovecraft, thinking the idea is pretty cool, then going on to read almost any of his writing. Like, close your eyes and throw a dart at a board picking what to read. Read more

Jan 8

You can’t believe it because you’re privileged enough not to have to deal with the actual issues that the people who are made to wear these sorts of uniforms in real life have to deal with, and you’re also not empathetic enough to understand the perspective of another fellow human being, and how such a thing might Read more

Jan 8

Yeah probably not the best idea to put the only Asian woman in a school girl outfit. This is more lazy than anything else.

Dec 10

“I hate this kid,” he wrote in a now-deleted tweet about Thunberg, reports NicoNico. “If I pulled the strings that controlled the world, I would like to snatch everything away from her, knock her into the dregs of hope, and sneer.” Read more

Dec 10

Seems his sympathies towards precocious and assertive high school-aged girls stops when they aren’t romantic candidates in one of his stories. How very strange.

Dec 10

Also, imagine feeling so threatened by a young woman who is trying to do good for you and the entire planet that you spew that kind of idiocy.

Dec 9

Gita, thank you for writing and sharing this. I also discovered Olympic weightlifting as an adult, and my weightlifting journey is also connected to both games and my relationship with my own body. Weightlifting is awesome and transformative in a way that’s hard to describeyou have really captured a lot of similar

Dec 9

I like to think that one of the cool things about Kotaku is that you can come here for more information than you’ll get from a publisher’s press release. This is a good example of that. It’s not necessarily controversial or explosive info — it’s just context that you won’t find anywhere else.

Nov 14

I am not Heather but... They did bury their lesbians p badly in the ending to life is strange 1.  I wouldn't be surprised if they ended up learning from the backlash to that.

May 22 2017

This is what white people do, everyday in large and small ways to PoC. They antagonize and antagonize and antagonize you, it gives them a sense of false worth to feel better than. It’s their whole persona, being “better than”. “I may be poor, but at least I ain’t a nigger!” White people are fully aware of the Read more