Dec 17

No no, this is okay. This is basically treating Seph as an unlockable character, as was the case for almost all of the original roster. Unlocking fighters is a core part of Smash that the DLC releases have forgotten about, so I appreciate this throwback. Read more

Dec 11

Look I had the same feeling of this being the medical version of “my black friend” but an army of white guys would have been met with craziness too. Read more

Oct 20

I say this as a dyed-in-the-wool environmentalist: at some point, we need to get people who don’t give a shit about the environment to also buy EVs. We need to get everyone (or at least most people) driving vehicles that aren’t powered by fossil fuels if we are to have a hope of preserving at least some of the Earth’s Read more

Sep 4

I will tell you what happened. From Bugalaga airstrip you should have plotted a 126 degrees course to the mine, east-south-east.

Sep 4

Dear Will, if you took a second to try and review the *game* Microsoft Flight Simulator instead of the concept of cloud and games as a service, maybe you would have done the tutorial, which would have taught you to fly VFR (which incidentally is the only form of navigation actually included in the tutorial).

Jun 21

This was one the first “holy shit, this is REALLY fast” racing games ever made.

Mar 6

the ONE good idea the otherwise horrible Superman Returns game had was not giving Supes a lifebar, and instead giving Metropolis a “collateral damage” meter, so you had to complete every fight being careful of your surroundings. That mechanic in a better game would rule, and it’s very true to the character.

Feb 24 2020

Wanna see an SNL article not about Pete or the news anchor guys someday, all just “Cecily Strong shows up to work regularly, does good job, does not look like a candy cane with a bunch of tattoos on it.”

Feb 14 2020

I'd say Untitled Goose Game made the most cultural impact though. Like, it may not be the flashiest or deepest experience of 2019, but *everybody* and their mom played it. I don't think any game that year had anywhere near the same level of public consciousness behind it.

Feb 10 2020

Likely story. Jason - and all of Jalopnik - has been in the pocket of Big Otter Jizz for years now.

Feb 4 2020

You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. Republicans had equal time as the Democrats in the House hearings. You are either lying or you’ve been drinking the kool-aid. The GOP are actively covering up and obstructing.