May 5

Well now I HAVE to play this... Also I’m glad you can play it without having panic attacks or similar.

Feb 26

NGL, I’d play the shit out of a Platinum Tonkatsu game.

Feb 10

Huh.  Is THAT what I got for free tacked onto my Humble Choice?  I’ma have to check that out...

Feb 7

I really enjoyed this game for a while, but then slogged through finishing it.  Hope this helps pacing.

Jan 16

Conversely, I love them.  The MK Universe is full of opportunities for crossover from similarly edgy 90s properties, and I welcome them all.

Jan 3

Excellent article.  Thank you Maddy, for writing it up, and for all you’ve done.

Nov 14

Heather, I’ve only played Remember Me, from all of DontNod’s catalog so far. It sounds like you’ve played the other stuff in their portfolio. Read more

Sep 24

Is it worth 17.99 right now, or worth 17.99 after a couple updates?
Edit: Acknowledging that “worth” is subjective -Is it worth $17.99 to YOU right now, or will it be worth that to you in a couple updates?

Sep 16

That is super fucking cool that Tim is getting to do that! He really seems to love the nuances of translation, so I’m really stoked that he got this opportunity!

Aug 20

Hello from the future!  What’s it like back there in 2017?

Aug 13

It was actually just a couple years ago that KFC tried to get into Chicken Sandwiches with a new brand meant to compete directly with Chick Fil A. We got a couple of Super Chix locations in the DFW area, one near a college, and one near a corporate/downtown-ish area.

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