Dec 9

Enjoy the singleplayer while it lasts.  It is absolutely great.  I love the combat, and if they were able to inject a bunch more variety into multiplayer, I’d keep playing it just for the sweet sweet combat.

Oct 21

VTubers, specifically all things HoloLive, are currently rocketing up the front of Reddit and I don’t know what to do.  KOTAKU!  PLEASE MAKE A GUIDE TO VTUBER FANDOM SO I KNOW EITHER WHAT TO DO OR WHAT TO AVOID

Oct 12

Those who remain committed to bashing large capital ships have outfitted their fighters with perks that make their explosions deadlier on impact. Read more

Sep 8

I’m 35. I got introduced to this game by my 3 nephews (who are all gamers and wannabe streamers). They got their kid sister, their mom, their dad, and their grandma (my mom) to all play this great little game.  Nothing has EVER gotten my mom to play a videogame before.  Among Us is amazing.

Sep 1

That is 99% because Disney’s Aladdin mixes Indian and Middle-Eastern inspiration into “Agrabah”. The designs in the animated movie always struck me as resembling art and architecture in Mughal Era India, which is where India got some Persian-descent Emperors for a bit. Read more

May 5

Well now I HAVE to play this... Also I’m glad you can play it without having panic attacks or similar.

Feb 26 2020

NGL, I’d play the shit out of a Platinum Tonkatsu game.

Feb 10 2020

Huh.  Is THAT what I got for free tacked onto my Humble Choice?  I’ma have to check that out...

Feb 7 2020

I really enjoyed this game for a while, but then slogged through finishing it.  Hope this helps pacing.

Jan 16 2020

Conversely, I love them.  The MK Universe is full of opportunities for crossover from similarly edgy 90s properties, and I welcome them all.

Jan 3 2020

Excellent article.  Thank you Maddy, for writing it up, and for all you’ve done.

Nov 14 2019

Heather, I’ve only played Remember Me, from all of DontNod’s catalog so far. It sounds like you’ve played the other stuff in their portfolio. Read more