Carl Sagan is my Spirit Animal

Have you considered the alternative of “Not any kind of Christian”? I mean, please don’t be something incredibly stupid like a militant Atheist,* or a Scientologist. But there are other religions out there with just as much hard evidence for their truth as Christianity**, and for the most part they don’t try to force Read more

I really hated growing up Catholic, but the more evangelicals I meet, the better I feel about it versus the alternatives.  Read more

Iirc about 47% of the state voted against this sort of shit. And that’s the ones that COULD vote despite voter suppression or gerrymandering.

You can have no sympathies for the (republican) *governments* responsible for this mess and their “barely more than half of the state(and who knows if even truly that because of Read more

Here’s the thing people don’t understand about Texas...

It’s not a giant cattle ranch full of backwards ass rednecks, rampant with racists, sexists, bigots, white supremacists, etc.,’s just run by people who are. Conservative people and families who have held positions of power for decades not because the Read more

Caring about who deserves help and who doesn’t is exactly the attitude that leads to the politics embraced by Texas and its ilk. Read more

Yeah, fuck all the people who rallied and railed and voted against people like Gohmert and Cruz and Cornyn who put is in this mess...but we happen to live here so we can all eat shit, we deserve this, right?

Way to generalize, asshole. Read more

This is a productive attitude to have while people are suffering. Read more

“Essentially every business resells their products,” said Jordan. “Tesco, for example, buys milk from farmers for 26p or so per litre and sells it on for upwards of 70p per litre. No one ever seems to complain to the extent as they are currently doing towards ourselves.”
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The milk wholesaler adds value by making the milk much easier for consumers to get. It gets the milk from farms all over the place and moves it to a convenient marketplace. They earn their markup by adding value. Read more

- Calvin and Hobbes, September 1, 1992

The problem is that Vanilla is out of its original context. When it came out, it was the most streamlined thing ever. People (myself) coming over from games like Everquest, where you had to find a group just to grind regular mobs, found the whole thing refreshing. But as the game aged, it got faster and more Read more

This sounds better than most of my 5-man experiences in Vanilla. I was expecting a story about laboring to get a group of 5 together in the first place. Then waiting for 45 minutes while everyone made their way to the dungeon. Get ready to start and one guy realizes all his gear is red and he needs to repair. Read more

It’s not different. And it’s not “since Final Fantasy X”. Read more

putting aside how weirdly turbo angry you are about a guy not enthused about cyberpunk, it is weird to say twitch isn’t ‘tangentially related to video games’ because it is literally a huge space for games, and a way people experience or interact with games, share games, talk about games, it is a space that developers Read more

I had a friend call me and ask me, after just buying Valhalla, if he should play all of Origins and Odyssey first so he knows the modern day story going into Valhalla. I responded to him, “I don’t think a single person, even Ubisoft, cares about that timeline. Also why are you deciding this now? Also Odyssey is like Read more

For the majority of people, he wasn’t wrong as not many stuck around Classic in the long run. Read more

There’s no pleasure in being right about it, but people predicted exactly this before classic even launched. Particularly, that launch would have a big influx of “tourist” players who lose interest a few months in, while the long-term players all hit level cap and stay there. Manually assembling a group below cap Read more

Yes, as it turns out, many of Classic’s systems were changed because they weren’t good, and nostalgia changes a lot of memory Read more