Carlos the Wonder Dog Again
Oct 14

Supporting ethnic cleansing to own the libs, eh?

Oct 8

I think Bosa’s attitude had less to do with old college grudges than with the well known fact he just hates the browns. 

Oct 1

“Players should be able to make money through the Free Market, just not by selling any product or providing any service”

Oct 1

Thank goodness the current NFL catch rules are perfectly clear these days.

Sep 30

Could it be that Brendan Rodgers is a better manager than people think and that his Liverpool end was more about what he lost (Suarez) than his actually managing ability? Read more

Sep 26

The irony is that the people making comments about his infant son are the same chuds who tell athletes to stick to sports.

Sep 23

As a lifelong Pittsburgher (it’s 32 years, so not super long), I’ve never enjoyed and know few people who enjoy this beer. Most of our stereotypes and put-downs are correct — horrible accent, fries on unsuitable foods, infrastructure on par with Kabul, supporting a twice-accused rapist while laughing at a former WR Read more

Sep 23

Before we worry about a shorter week, we should worry about the fact that the US ranked dead last in parental leave benefits for all OECD countries. At the federal level a working mother still gets zero weeks of maternity leave, and for jobs where you do get parental leave it is capped at 12 weeks, when European Read more

Sep 23

Welcome to America in 2019, where Arians claim to be helping a Gay but really just want to set them further back.

Sep 18

Is there really a lot of resistance to the reality of Iran’s involvement? On day one there was, because of the lack of info, and the Houthies with their hand up. But now it seems fairly solid where these came from. Read more