Carioca LDN
4:00 PM

Can’t she just retire the ridiculous stage name ‘Awkwafina’ already and use her real name ‘Nora Lum’, which sounds much better, and as I’ve mentioned before, already sounds like it could be the stage name for Joanna Lumley’s debutante actress niece, Eleanora ...

1:23 PM

Well, not that i didn’t like Sex Education, I mean I watched it till the end just to see how it would all turn out, and I suspect i may eventually watch this season one day I’m bored or have a long plane/car/bus journey and need something to watch ...

1:20 PM

Oh! Well you see I’m English, and I’m currently in Brazil. So as far as I know it’s Netflix’s The Good  Place and Netflix’s Crazy Ex Girlfriend and Netflix’s You and Netflix’s Good Girls and ...

5:31 AM

I’m binge-watching Netflix’s Good Girls with Christina Hendricks. I mean she’s in it, not that I’m watching it in bed with her. I’d encourage anyone who hasn’t seen it to watch the first 10mins. Matthew lillard plays her husband, I groaned when I first saw him on screen - fortunately he’s in a minor role (can’t look Read more

2:33 PM

Wow, thanks so much for that message. Yeah Christmas was rough - I was guilt tripped into spending all that money to go and I feel like I took a bashing I haven’t fully recovered from. Just that phrase “you’re not a bad person” means so much to hear, and consequently say aloud to myself - so thanks again!

1:36 AM

Thanks for that. I watched the blue tree ad, but chose not to watch the other to avoid getting a song stuck in my head. Read more

7:48 PM

Oh, see, I just got spewed at, and took pains to explain that their spewing is misguided. Hope it wasn't a waste of my time.

2:54 AM

Um, funny you mention Gavin and Stacey - on my Yahoo feed this morning is the headline “James Corden reveals the rudest celebrity he’s ever met” with the quote “This person shoved me out of the way”!

2:30 AM

Yesterday I was drained and depressed*, so I stayed in my hotel room all day and binge-watched series 2 of You.

5:04 AM

I’m mid binge right now. I keep checking back to see if there will be episodic reviews on here, but alas.

1:51 AM

I was surprised that in the first season, instead of just having a little man crush on the person standing in the way of his “true love” (tee hee hee), he actually locked the guy up in a basement with soundproofed walls, and took over his identity. Read more

5:15 AM

I just heard a song which at first sounded like a generic r&b love song, but I was taken aback when it got to the chorus where the man repeatedly sings “I just fuck you and leave” and the woman sings back “I sit on it and leave” and each proclaims to the other “that’s why I love you”.