So you paid your way through college doing factory work in from ‘96 to ‘02?  If so, congratulations!  You’re one of the very few people who could get a factory job as a teenager that somehow paid enough to cover your college tuition.

I really think it’s a regional thing. I knew at least a dozen people doing the same thing as I was. Going to school during the day, working nights, doing homework at breaks and on lunch. We had some many people going to college the union got he company to put in a computer center/ study room. It did take me longer. Read more

He always looks like a waxworks facsimile of a human being. 

So Warren is too far left, but Pelosi is too old school? I think the Congressman has a problem with women. Read more

I think I’ll take my jus on the side in a bowl.  This way I can achieve 100% saturation only on the portion that is about to enter my mouth.

Also these magazine appearances almost always coincide with promoting something or other, just like late show tv appearances or rounds on morning shows. They’re hired to talk about the product. She didn’t have to come out here but she did. Yes shilling her silly workout in connection to something serious like her Read more

...but McGrath is a self-described moderate who believes the Democrats currently running for president are veering too far to the left. She doesn’t support eliminating private insurance under a Medicare-for-all plan, nor does she support subsidizing healthcare for undocumented immigrants. She also describes herself as Read more

Ooooh, you better believe imma try this.

Yesterday is “not like a musical. You’re not just covering the Beatles’ songs but recovering them from the dustbin of memory and re-presenting them to the world.” Read more

Jennifer Garner is so wonderfully talented and so terribly underappreciated. She started off so strong in Alias, even winning a Golden Globe, but after the show ended and Elektra bombed she seems to have been pigeonholed into playing the suburban mom in various teen movies like Juno and Love, Simon. She always makes Read more

I would very much like to see a movie with someone playing Melania Trump in it, but I don’t want it to be a boring rags-to-riches biopic. I want it to be a screwball dark comedy like Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and/or The Manchurian Candidate where she’s some kind of Slovenian sleeper agent (possibly without Read more

Representative Duncan Hunter allegedly used campaign funds to finance his affairs with congressional aides, lobbyists, and even a congresswoman. Yike! Read more

Okay... then I wonder if all the people who lost their life savings and/or committed suicide because of the Keating Five scandal care about his arms? Read more

Okay I've read this book, and I would not have opened the doors because the Langoliers will get you.

I think this is more knocking the endless boil that many people do that turn the beans to mush. This is the “traditional Southern way” of cooking them (even fresh ones) and it is objectively bad. Nothing wrong with adding bacon/lardons/hocks if you are cooking the beans properly.

I didn't have this outlook when I first started out. I definitely had some hostile interactions with customers that stuck with me, but I've come to realize that was largely because of where I worked. Now I work for some great people that put out really good food and actually listen to employees and customers, and it's Read more

One of the places I work at has a somewhat detailed ramen menu and a specials board that changes daily. It can be a little confusing for some newcomers. Yesterday a couple came in and took a look briefly before telling me they’d never eaten there and needed some help. I recommend two of our most popular specials, both Read more

Yep. Stacey Abrams should be running for the senate in Georgia (where I am), or there needs to be a very strong candidate to continue the push she started here. Lucy McBath only won the Sixth District after Jon Osoff demonstrated how competitive it could be now that it no longer included Cherokee County. Before Osoff, Read more

I’d prefer that person demonstrate a capacity to flip that state. Moreover, if there is a major statewide office available, I’d prefer they go after that office and theoretically strengthen the overall Democratic ballot in that state. Castro and O’Rourke probably can’t win Texas, but the two of them should draw straws Read more