2:42 PM

I have a smidgen of inside knowledge on her and the start of this whole relationship, and...I'll just say watching this all go down has been very interesting.  I hope they find happiness though, they've got such a cutie patootie baby. 

1:46 PM

I might, possibly, may be getting a promotion. Our Legal assistant is leaving and the higher ups are working on adjusting the job qualifications so that I qualify (government job - there is minuscule to zero wiggle room on qualifications).  Nothing is set, it might not even be possible, but it’s good to know that my Read more

11:01 PM

Before you start with boomer this and Karen’s that can you please recall the tiki torch brigade were all in their 20s and 30’s. You can’t blame everything on the older generations.

10:12 PM

No, damn it, boomers do not want war; we did what we could to stop the Vietnam debacle (then went on to earn enough to retire on). Please: Not all Boomers.

2:10 AM

I actually had a good Christmas this year - almost all my gifts were what I requested and/or things I will really use. The Bastard gave me a GORGEOUS set of sapphire earrings and a matching ring.
Read more

5:14 PM

Nice to see you Car54! I've been wanting to invite you to stop by if you haven't checked it out yet. Your insight would be most welcome. 

9:27 PM

Thank you so much for your thoughts on this - makes a lot of sense. Let me respond properly tomorrow when I’ve fully digested all notes from the commentariat. 

10:08 AM

It’s a messy snow mix here today so I will be mostly indoors working on packing what I can for the annual move back to the states. It’s always a challenge to figure out what can be put away til next year. Half the time I end up unpacking something I didn’t anticipate needing. Read more

11:32 AM

Not flaming you but I have to disagree. I like to support my local economy and held out online shopping for a long time. But it became more and more difficult to find the items I wanted in brick and mortar stores. The entertainment stores sell mostly blockbuster movies, best seller books and top 10 style music. The Read more

10:52 PM

The one thing I do to spare workers is not ordering anything heavy from Amazon. I read something early on when Amazon was becoming more ubiquitous about the nightmare of workers handling large bags of dog food/cat litter, and the bags ripping and the mess creating a dangerous environment, not to mention back injuries. Read more

5:37 PM

This is exactly what everybody wanted, right? I mean, you know who I’m talking about. And even as much as I love Joy, she contributed to this, too! No tea. No shade. But! I want to see the ADOS types who moan about wanting a candidate with a specific black agenda pick out someone who did more black media appearances Read more

12:56 PM

Yesterday I was having all the feelings. Not being with my family on Thanksgiving, especially with the boy having his surgery, was weighing on me. Some days, there is just nowhere to put all the nervous energy & it is tiring. Read more

6:23 PM

Mmmmm...popovers... Actually, all of it sounds amazing. But for some reason popovers (light and airy! super flavorful! great savory or sweet!) are magical to me.

6:20 PM

I’m drinking a beer, reading an article about pine beetle outbreaks in BC, and making a real roast dinner with salad, mashed potatoes, a red wine marinade that will become sauce, and popovers-which are apparently different from yorkshire puddings.

6:17 PM

I guess one effect the near-death of the kinjaverse is that it’s prompted me to leave my perma-lurker status and *post a thing* so that when this delightful group moves on, I (or my screen name anyway!) wont be a total stranger... Read more

12:10 PM

Happy birthday— that sounds like a fun way to celebrate!

10:45 AM

We don’t deserve dogs. My brother arrived with the dogs. My mom was crying and Lexa picked up her favorite toy and gave it to her.