I think Mueller looked old and beaten down. But he took the job and he needs to see through supporting his work through to it’s final action. Read more

Is that in the refrigerator section or do they have it with those little cartons of nut milks?  I think I might look for this in the store.

This is interesting.  I am going to buy some oat milk now.  I don’t think I knew there was such a thing.   I only put milk in my coffee and it does give me problems so maybe that would be a good option.

HE SEXUALLY ABUSED A PATIENT AND THEN SENT HER BILL TO COLLECTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My head is about to freaking explode with this shit. Read more

I’d like to see the law that specifies that a woman being topless is against the law but a man being topless is fine.

They’re getting a handbook about how to not do it again.   That’ll work.

I think until I read the story last night about him using his brother’s name when he was stopped for a DUI, I was thinking it must be mental illness of some sort but now I think it’s probably just selfishness.

I hope instead of jail they make him pay restitution for the services they wasted, and then sentence him to work for some groups that support victims to learn what that is about.

I rarely get gifts that are something I would really pick for myself, but I would really enjoy a pottery wheel, or I’m sure the table is also very nice.   Courtney has very good taste.

I’m saving my sympathy for the poor suckers who got the free Trump Haircuts. Read more

Heck, even if she didn’t need to pump, what business schedules someone alone for 5-7 hours. Read more

I had a friend who worked for Family Dollar a few years ago and my memory of her experience was that they were terrible to work for.    

That is what I was expecting too.

And cable news is reporting he raised over a million dollars within an hour of announcing.    

Lock her up and let’s make sure she has 24/7 CNN in her cell so she gets to see Michelle and Barack campaign during the election year.