topless beauty?
more like a topless liability...

where the hell do you live?
South Africa?

I see your Crown Royal G, and raise you an imported landyacht that is even more obscure, bigger, more luxurious, while still retaining the inconvenience coolness of RHD:

Chrysler already has the hellcat/demon, the purgatory will likely be handled by mitsubishi.

when you think about it though, luxury SUVs like the bentayga, escalade, cullinan, etc. are just returning to form from which they largely departed from in the 1950s.

I once met a man who claimed to have been involved in the abduction of amis as a child.
he told me he would get in the back seat of the car in order to gain its trust and let its guard down, so it could be easily coaxed in.

“what’s that, there are some poorly trained police abusing their power? let’s get rid of all of the police!”
“what’s that, some people with driver’s licenses aren’t getting adequate training? let’s get rid of licenses altogether!”
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it’s because people started expecting them to continue making a well-rounded electric car, but that would have been to obvious, so they add a bunch of gimmicky and inconvenient quirks.

$8000, then another $8000 to do an engine+gearbox rebuild, then another $8000 in labour to replace the probably still original brakes.

While we’re on the topic of 2nd gen sambars, can we just take a moment to appreciate the sambar’s adorable little smiley face, made with the headlights and cabin vent?

I’m mostly impressed by how they managed to make this out of a nissan patrol.

is that a frickin’ corvair?

they wanted to make a full on super-gt style tube frame drift car either way, so why go with something boring and normal, and leave the drivetrain pretty much the same layout, when you can do the same amount of work to get something way weirder and cooler?

this is ethically problematic. Paying more means you’ll be safer. Read more

quick, someone park one in a lake for 6 months to accelerate the corrosion, then sell it to david so he can put a forklift motor and Dana 44s in it!

front brakes?
yeah, I’ll go with front brakes.

what is that abomination of a wheelchair conversion?

isn’t there some law about US presidents not being allowed to drive themselves?

since it’s likely further technical advancements are going to give diminishing returns, and idiots are going to be idiots on matter what, i think the best solution is to implement some sort of “black box”.
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