Friday 1:33PM

In the context of an autonomous driving system, if a human has to make an input that the car didn’t anticipate, then it makes sense for those designers to consider that input as a result of an error on the part of the car. Read more

Thursday 11:55PM

Europeans LOVE their caravans. But since they can tow reasonable amounts with ordinary cars, they generally don’t see the need to buy a truck to tow with. And of course, since they don’t have trucks with 10Klb+ tow ratings, their caravans are built a lot lighter. My BMW wagon has a similar Euro tow rating to the turbo Read more

Thursday 10:15AM

Yeah, Toyota Motor Company (Japan) doesn’t always tell Toyota Motors North America everything.

Thursday 9:13AM

The entire mass? That’s silly. They should only launch pine trees, they have a conical shape that is more aerodynamic. Read more

Thursday 9:02AM

Of course not. The Forest Service, much like druids, derive their powers from forests. There are no forests on the moon, so their powers there are severly limited. If they planted a bunch of trees, maybe. But that’s a huge undertaking.

Wednesday 1:21PM

They think the world is a prison and they are the prison guards.

Wednesday 12:15PM

the ability to 3D print whatever the hell we want.

Tuesday 3:39PM

If you don’t have to manually search for every reply in the 400+ comment Maverick article, what even is the point?

Monday 9:12PM

If he was driving a dirty, dented and rusty Bronco II that would be barely believable. And I said barely, because Bronco II’s have also appreciated from having to pay the junkyard $50 to remove it, to $5000+ for OK examples.

6/07/21 1:44PM

google up the rocket sled tests the USA did.  They literally kept increasing the acceleration till the guy nearly died from it. 

6/07/21 9:01AM

I get Estate Sale. The funeral happened 2 months ago. The heirs expected to make serious bank on all of dad’s prized possessions and now they are willing to take 37 cents, a chewing gum wrapper and some pocket lint for. Read more

6/04/21 8:41AM

People may hate the way this looks, but it’s clearly a safety issue. You are putting way less weight over the front tires than the vehicle was designed for. Handling could be dangerously bad depending on how much rake. Read more

6/03/21 6:13PM

I always thought it was odd that *Ford* was the one to discard the seats, instead of leaving it up to individual dealers. Once the van was in the dealer’s hands, was no longer the company’s decision what happened to it (basically) and *winkwink* it’s now a cargo van. Read more

9/24/18 11:57AM

Ford GT engine is a tuned up Ecoboost V6, so it’s not really that far away from what I was talking about at the end of the piece.