6/05/21 3:14PM

You write for a website (and family of websites) that just tried to paint someone as a racist because in 1999 at age 19 her parents made her go to a ball that had started allowing Black people to join an insufficient amount of time (20 years) prior to that. Read more

6/03/21 4:36PM

Are we being fun-hating downers who are overthinking something that everyone will recognize is obviously a joke?” Read more

6/01/21 5:04PM

Oh man, you didn’t check in to see how this insane stretch of a nothing-burger was getting roasted over at The Root? Cause it’s getting no traction there, and it feels like their readership should know. Read more

6/01/21 5:03PM

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that someone who was crowned “most fuckable of her barely legal peers” by a bunch of old men was probably not thinking hard about any of the implications involved. 

6/01/21 4:52PM

So she entered a pageant and/or attended some weird debutante event. Is there any indication that she was aware it had a racist history? It may be hard for some on here to believe, but googling the damn thing wasn’t an option in 1999.

5/30/21 12:30AM

Yeah, drag queens are such a clear representation of everyday life. 

5/26/21 1:25PM

I’ve never been a fan, but it is funny how he’s become one of the BAD celebs and so it’s okay for the shill websites to trash him now

5/26/21 12:43PM

Is there a pop culture news site that is intelligent, insightful, and enjoyable and-- most importantly-- prioritizes that sort of discourse over pushing an agenda? I’d drop this site from rotation immediately if I find something like that.

5/26/21 11:40AM

Rumor has it that he enjoys kicking dogs in the face and once punched Ruth Bader Ginsberg in the face.

5/26/21 11:28AM

Crazy how Pratt went from beloved Schlub on the AV Club boards to history’s greatest monster so fast.

5/25/21 1:27PM

I like the song, but I have the same problem.  Every time I hear it all I can picture is Willie screaming DOONTOON!!

5/25/21 12:53PM

I was thinking more like the short-lived TV series “Awake”, in which the protagonist alternates between different worlds every time he goes to sleep (although there it’s not clear which is the dream vs reality). Here we see her being attacked when played by McKenzie, although the trailer seems to imply that she Read more

5/25/21 10:20AM

I feel like John Wick has infected 80% of the movies in production.