Cape Cod Crepe God
Jul 1 2019

For words that share the same last five letters, “tragic” and “Dragic” could hardly be further from rhyming. Amazingly, neither the “a” nor “g” nor “c” sounds are the same in the two words.

Feb 7 2019

“But if the worst-case scenario does happen and Davis just walks away for nothing in 18 months, the Pelicans won’t have won anything. Read more

Nov 14 2018

I play chess every couple of weeks at the library where I work, and the gulf between amateur players like myself and the pros is just mind boggling

Oct 17 2018

they seem to be getting attendance numbers that will be the seating capacity for the inglewood stadium though.  hopefully the good vibes transfer to the new stadium but i wonder if all the PSL will doom that.

Oct 17 2018

I want to go more live games but I hate traveling to that stadium (I live in San pedro, down the 110). I imagine traffic is one of a couple reasons at least more fans don’t attend games which is the most LA reason not to go to a cool event haha

Oct 17 2018

I went up to LA to see the Cardinals/Rams game last month - it was a good time, nice mix of fans, lots of Rams fans consoling the Cardinals fans, agree that it’s kind of a dive bar good-time. I think the Rams will do so much better than the Chargers in the new stadium - at least there’s SOME history there, as opposed Read more

Oct 17 2018

I’m not in Los Angeles and I’m sure the Chargers are every bit as unpopular there as it appears on TV. That said, isn’t using PSL sales as a measure of fan interest kind of like using the Dow to judge the actual health of the US economy? It’s something that most fans aren’t ever going to be in a position to buy.

Oct 17 2018

We went to their playoff loss last season and our experience was exactly the same as yours. We happen to know a member of the Rams coaching staff so our visit had a couple more benefits, but just cruising around and seeing people just enjoying a good time, most of the Falcons and Rams fans getting along well enough. Read more