Dec 17 2019

I mean, everything you just listed convinced me that having a pet over a child was the right decision.
#Furbabies #FelineChild #Cheaper #LessStress #SelfCleaning

Nov 21 2019

My whole life I’ve wanted car companies to make their concept cars but they never do and I always wondered why. Well the comments show why, because people are full of crap. People say they want a futuristic car or something out of bladerunner. They say they want something unique but at the end of the day they buy a Read more

Nov 6 2019

Thank you for not living there and leaving more room for my family & I who love the weather, beaches parks & outdoors.  

Nov 6 2019

I’d rather have that situation than continue to be ruled by 70 year old white dudes who have literally broken the planet with their greed.

Nov 4 2019

Sorry, but as a Muslim, Bush has yet to apologize for the Iraq War, promoting Defense of Marriage Act, causing the 2008 Financial Crisis and prolonging Islamophobia. He is literally the reason why we have Trump.  Read more

Oct 30 2019

With the current state of Deadspin it seems like I will have gained an hr + a day but feels like I have lost so much.