Jun 11

It was not an regular human season of WWDITS, it was extraordinarily funny and clever in every way. Thanks for your reviews Katie. Can’t wait for Season 3. Jackie Daytona Lives! BAT!

Jun 3

The most important thing in this episode is we saw Dr. Mid-Nite’s owl! A live owl on TV most likely with superpowers! Since a Great Horned Owl in the wild can live to around 29-30, and one in captivity lived to be around 50, hopefully it will be around for a long time.

Owls rule.

May 27

The S.T.R.I.P.E. training sequence was fun. Again, a lot of good things in this episode.

Geoff Johns really loves Icicle as he had the character kill Dr. Fate in SMALLVILLE and made him a huge threat, and he had him kill Starman in this series and makes him the overall leader of the ISA. I don’t know why Johns likes Read more

May 14

This was NOT an average human episode of WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS. It may be now my favorite episode of all time.

I’m still not sure if my favorite bit was in regards to Jim’s card or the toothpick. I’m leaning toothpick, but BOY did Hamill nail the realization/slow turn as he said “How did you know that was my Read more

May 13

Like others here, I’m disappointed that the show is going “dark”, when there seems to be a need for some lighter fare when it comes to superheroes, and the LEGENDS have proved you can be light (downright silly sometimes) while having serious stakes. I was hoping this show would be a balance between FLASH/SUPERGIRL Read more

May 6

I DO love my hometown. This is the most St.Louis thing I’ve seen since the Blues Victory Parade

May 5

She usually didn’t really HAVE a main antagonist. No clear rogue of her own. So creating Lena works and using the old Superboy/Lex former friends now worst of enemies device works with Lena and Kara. Its basically just a remake of that dynamic, and that’s fine. I wouldn’t mind Edge returning either. Max Read more

May 4

This is as good an episode of SUPERGIRL that there has ever been, and it really belongs to the combined efforts of Cryer and Benoist (as director—what a great way to make her directorial debut on the show). Everything is spot on in a way a flashback episode should be, the one weakness, as you rightly point out Read more

Apr 13

Outstanding work Will! Congratulations. Proof again you’re the master of Random Roles. 

Mar 13

Wow. That second paragraph describing the future this final season of BROCKMIRE takes place in left my jaw on the floor. I almost thought it was something you were making up til I got around to the middle of it and realized you wouldn’t go THAT far in pulling our leg about it. I can’t wait to see all this unfold. This Read more

Mar 13

This was peak Holt in this episode, all the Wuntch burns, balloon arches, his utter disdain/disgust with actors, or as he calls them, “professional liars”, (even worse, this was an improv group who were his “mourners” just for the experience, dear god that was perfect) and finally his acceptance and speech at the end Read more

Mar 9

Outstanding work as always Will. Fascinating stuff, and as always, I love reading the person talk about their theatre background and how jobs on-camera evolve from that. Would love to see him live onstage someday. 

Jan 23

They’re in the books, so its not a cop out for the writers of the show to use them to move the story along. People talk to their daemons, so, again, its not exactly a “cop-out” to use them for some exposition purposes or to move the story along without doing boring voiceovers or montages.

A person can’t be separated Read more

Jan 18

Yes, he’s that good. I have issues with a few things on SUPERGIRL, but not with his performance. I admitted on Twitter that when it was announced he would be playing the role that I wasn’t sure he was the right person and it felt gimmicky, but he proved me wrong. He was kind enough to reply and say something to the Read more

Jan 15

I agree that the Anti-Monitor’s ghost minions are an immensely weak aspect of this episode. It looks like they can be beaten as easily as most people blow out birthday candles on a cupcake.

That being said, I disagree with everything else in this review.

Ezra Miller/Grant Gustin Flash Meets Flash made up for any flaws.

Read more

Nov 25

I have to say, I love “Guy Who Just Bought A Boat” and though I sort of knew Reynolds would be in on it after his bit in the monologue, it really worked and was a great way to use him again. He’s made for that kind of douchebag character and nailed it. Those terrible puns/double entendres coming from such a moronic Read more

Nov 15

William Jackson Harper had a nice day off as Chidi was “Weekend At Bernies”’d all over the place. If he had fallen off his pool float would he have drowned or been fine since he was technically dead? Anyway, it was fun to see all that and find out how he got so jacked.

All of the Janets, good, bad, Disco, etc, were a Read more

Nov 12

Daemons are the external physical manifestation of a person’s ‘inner-self’ that takes the form of an animal. They are, in a way, the soul made into flesh, of a person. A person and their daemon are one entity in two bodies.

WHY it is this way in this world is something Pullman admits he doesn’t know, but just happened Read more