Jun 30

IKR! Pat was Starman’s sidekick during his entire career, from long before he first got his powers, to long after he died. I realize that he didn’t know that Courtney had changed into Stargirl, but someone with that much experience should know better than to go around shouting her secret identity, when a superhero Read more

Jun 23

The fight scenes were a lot of fun, especially Sportsmaster vs Hourman - I know from TMNT that some dude with a sports fixation can be a formidable opponent but I didn’t expect Sportsmaster to be so...ruthless? “Good for you, kid. That looks heavy.” Read more

Jun 22

Sportsmaster will always be hokey as hell - but they at least made him *impressively* hokey. That was some great choreography and cinematography for the fight scenes. 

Jun 22

I like the look of this show and it is very fun, but I have to say the most unbelievable thing so far after watching the ISA in action is how in the world did they kill adult superheroes that included a Green Lantern, Flash and Star Man? This is unfortunately an old (and bad) trope from comics and these kind of shows Read more