ricardo amanueces
11:10 PM

I’m imagining a Seinfeld episode where George takes a picture of his dick, tries to print it, but is out of paper. Then he leaves to get more paper, and his mother shows up to his apartment while he is gone, sees the printer beeping, finds more paper, puts it into the printer and out comes his dick pic. Or something Read more

10:08 PM

In our day, we had to wait an hour for the dot matrix printer to print out the ASCII.

9:08 PM

When I was going through my divorce, my now ex-wife left her Facebook profile up on the computer. Naturally curious, I took a gander in her messages only to find her discussing the idea of having sex with another guy. I clicked his profile, and saw he was married, and I sent his wife a terse heads-up about what I’d Read more

8:48 PM

I knew guys like that in highschool. They’d call you a fag for not showing them your dick.

8:16 PM

Among gay men who use hookup apps or websites, it’s common to exchange dick pics. (I dont really understand why it’s part of the “getting to know you” portion of the conversation.) Read more

7:42 PM

I would compare it to the way that many teachers contact parents of kids who are behaving badly, only to have those parents immediately turn around and accuse the teacher of being terrible, holding a grudge, etc. Very few people react well to having a loved one’s bad behavior pointed out by a relative stranger. (I Read more

11:06 AM

Whereas, I think being poor made me unable to handle my finances because I didn’t know what it was like to have money. Even now, there are things I simply don’t understand or consider because they weren’t a part of my life growing up at all.

5:51 PM

So when I was 19 an older guy (maybe early 40s?) came up to me at work (on a boat...I was in the galley) and said, “Heyyy, where’d you get the angel kisses?” Read more

4:23 PM

I can count on one hand the number of birthday parties I had during my entire childhood, birth to 18. Every kid I know seems to have a party every year. I can’t tell if I’m the weird one or not.