ricardo amanueces

This reminds me of when Lana Del Rey said she wanted to die or something to a Guardian journalist, then backtracked, and he put the receipts on the website. Read more

I counter that I'm not going to change my reading habits significantly, I don't think many people will, so this is in fact necessary to account for large numbers of people with static reading habits. Read more

'I understand the idea that reducing the success of white-male authors could influence publishers to pick up more diverse authors…' Read more

The president of Argentina didn't shoot a man, though, she just worked out a political deal. Read more

So weird that they would even allow someone to issue a warrant against the president of the country. That doesn't sound like a stable arrangement at all. Read more

Why do people keep telling me this ;( Read more

Um, her name is North West, not North Best. Read more

A more reasonable question would have been whether, under the Constitution, Lindsay is a girl's name or a boy's name. Read more

I've found my next Twitter avatar #blessed Read more

Echoing previous comment, this is amazing, must-see television. Read more

Cackling because a certain account I was not at all envious of lost 3.3 M followers in one blow, confirming my very real suspicions of who would be following that crap. Read more

That's what makes it so great. Read more

Personally I just feel very anxious now. Read more

Way better in Russian cause I have no clue what she's saying, and I think Russian is pretty. Read more

All this mixed emotion breaks me down and makes me want to cry. Read more

This is going to straight into my thinly-veiled biographical novel about Justin Bieber. Read more