Apr 2 2019

I notice that at no point was it mentioned that the reason bins are so full this year is because of Trump’s trade war making it impossible for farmers to sell their crops overseas last year. Read more

Mar 18 2019

Don’t forget Fox’s own anti-Sammy Davis Jr., Paris Dennard.

Mar 10 2019

I feel like the phrase “plot hole” get overused. I realize this is a bit like screaming about Alanis Morisette’s definition of irony, but “plot hole” doesn’t mean “literally any question I have that isn’t perfectly answered to my satisfaction.” It means a logical contradiction or gap in the story. So, if Superman dies Read more

Mar 5 2019

Hey Lauren, I just want to chime in along with everyone else and let you know this is a really shitty post. Like, colossally shitty. I don’t even have any snark for you. Clinton won the popular vote, she was profoundly qualified, and she got shat on for being a woman who knows how to get shit done in a world dominated Read more

Mar 4 2019

Funny enough, I actually think its fitting. It looks like what is a childs idea of a strong super hero would look like.

Feb 12 2019

Has anyone signed Cara Delevingne for the movie yet?

Jan 24 2019

The vision program can cost between $3.09 to $20 every two weeks for a family, while the dental plan can cost families up to $76.80 every two weeks. Read more

Jan 14 2019

I’m part Tohono O’odham and I married into a Tohono O’odham family. The border has bisected our traditional homelands since 1848, as well as other border tribes-the Lipan Apache, Yoeme (Yaquí), Kickapoo and I believe also the Tuscarora tribes. For the first few decades after the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, most Read more

Jan 7 2019

Resident Evil: Dead Aim on PS2 was/is a wonderful lightgun game.

Jan 4 2019

I read another article featuring several educators around the country who have already started to notice an uptick in bullying and cruelty. The concern is definitely real.

Dec 6 2018

I understand what you mean, and I’ll tell you how I think about it. Clinging to coal feels feels like trying to stay in the Stone Age because we’ve already trained so many masons. Times change, technologies evolve, and we’re going to be worse off doubling down on coal while the world passes us by. Plus we’ll all be Read more

Dec 3 2018

I am sure that you have been wondering what Bruce Springsteen’s thoughts on the 2020 election are and reader, wait no longer: He is pretty sure that Trump is going to win. Sorry!” Read more

Nov 28 2018

Here’s the flag: “alternative history.” She’s a very vocal ancient aliens proponent and is all about the woo-related skewing of history. So...yeah, this isn’t exactly shooting to be an educational show. It’s simply more faux history being pushed for ratings.

Nov 14 2018

Still hoping The Mandalorian turns out to be a woman under the armor. Read more

Nov 1 2018

Normally I would agree with you, but I’ve yet to see Israel face consequences for doing exactly this for years. I think you overestimate the amount of empathy in the world. Read more

Nov 1 2018

Rresponses like Toobin’s have got to become the (minimum) standard by which the media operates if we are to survive this catastrophe of an administration. Read more